Cutting & Grinding Fluid Additives

Cutting and grinding fluids are often complex chemical compounds, which over time and with use will degrade. Master Chemical has a sophisticated depletion analysis procedure, which identifies the constituents which need replenishing. This can be performed using "tank side adds". Additionally, this section includes a few miscellaneous other types of fluids that do not fit well into any of our other metalworking fluid catagories.

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TRIM® TC 155

Nonferrous Corrosion Inhibitor

TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 155

TRIM® TC 155 is a nonferrous corrosion inhibitor for use in water soluble and straight oil systems. It is particularly effective in preventing staining and white rust on die cast alloys containing copper.

      TRIM® TC 220

      pH Adjuster

      TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 220

      TRIM® TC 220 is a triazine compound that is very effective in maintaining pH and building reserve alkalinity in metalworking fluid working solutions. Controlling pH within the design range of the product and maintaining an appropriate level of reserve alkalinity are key elements in extending sump life, controlling both liquid and vapor phase corrosion, and controlling the particle size and emulsion stability of soluble oils.

          TRIM® TC 239

          Paintable Antifoam/Defoamer

          TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 239

          TRIM® TC 239 is a paintable, platable additive used to control foam in metalworking fluids and parts washing systems.

          • Start by adding 2 ounces of TC 239 per 100 gallons of solution to lower foam. You may find that using less than this will be effective in your system.
          • Shake or stir well before adding. For best results, premix TC 239 with working solution until it is water-thin. This mixture should be added just up-stream from the foam.
          • The maximum amount of TC 239 in the system should not exceed 16 ounces per one hundred gallons of metalworking fluid. Using too much TC 239 can cause foam and/or form a residue on the machine, parts, or tools.
          • Spraying premixed TC 239 directly onto the foam will also knock it down quickly.
          • Do not freeze or store above 115°F.