Cutting & Grinding Fluid Additives

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As cutting and grinding fluids can start to break down over time, tank-side additives can solve a number of problems. There are TRIM® tank-side additives compatible with most coolants to extend tap and tool life, improve mechanical lubricity, control built-up edge, prevent stained parts, control foam, stabilize the emulsion, and replenish dye.

Whatever your problems and concerns, ask your TRIM specialist if a tank-side additive could be the answer.

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Clear Anti-weld, Extreme-pressure Oil Additive

TRIM<sup>®</sup> OCA

TRIM® OCA is a clear oil additive containing chlorinated paraffins. OCA has outstanding anti-welding and extreme pressure properties at moderate to heavy speeds and loads.

  • Good lubricity properties in addition to anti-weld
  • Used with great success to extend the life of taps and form tools in screw machining operations
  • Particularly effective on ferrous metals and aluminum
  • Compatible with all TRIM® straight oils, TRIM® TAP LIGHT, and TRIM® TAP HEAVY


High-lubricity, Clear Sulfur Oil Additive

TRIM<sup>®</sup> OSA

TRIM® OSA is a clear oil additive containing inactive sulfur. OSA has outstanding lubricity in all circumstances and provides extreme pressure anti-weld at high speeds and loads.

  • Use as an additive to straight grinding oils, will reduce heat, misting, and allow increased feed rates in creepfeed applications
  • Extend the life of thread-forming taps and thread-rolling dies
  • Use in Swiss-type screw machines using solid carbide bushings to dramatically increases bushing life
  • Compatible with all TRIM® straight oils and TRIM® TAP LIGHT, TRIM® TAP HEAVY, and TRIM® TAP NC


Lubricity Additive for Straight Cutting Oils

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TRIM<sup>®</sup> OSFA

TRIM® OSFA is an additive package used to replace or increase the level of fats and sulfur in cutting and grinding oils. Typically it is added to improve sliding friction and improve mechanical lubricity, though it may help to control BUE in some situations.

    TRIM® TC 143

    Phenolic Stabilizer

    TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 143

    TRIM® TC 143 is a mixture of emulsifiers and an emulsion stabilizer which, when added to chemical emulsion type products, will help enhance emulsion stability.

      TRIM® TC 155

      Nonferrous Corrosion Inhibitor

      TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 155

      TRIM® TC 155 is a nonferrous corrosion inhibitor for use in water soluble and straight oil systems. It is particularly effective in preventing staining and white rust on die cast alloys containing copper.

      • Prevents staining and white rust on die cast alloys containing copper
      • Nonferrous corrosion inhibition

      TRIM® TC 175

      Chlorinated Lubricity Additive

      TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 175

      TRIM® TC 175 is a chlorinated EP (extreme pressure) lubrication/emulsifier additive package. It may be added to water-soluble coolant systems to replace or increase the presence of the chlorine EP additives in the system.

        TRIM® TC 177

        Odor Mask

        TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 177

        TRIM® TC 177 is a "vanilla" odor mask. This product may be used to reduce some of the odors associated with coolant systems.

          TRIM® TC 184B

          Nonsilicone Antifoam

          TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 184B

          TRIM® TC 184B is a nonsilicone antifoam or defoamer. It is used as a tank-side add to control foam in water-miscible coolants, washing compounds, floor soaps, etc.

            TRIM® TC 203

            pH Adjuster/Emulsion Stabilizer

            TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 203

            TRIM® TC 203 is a copper amine additive developed to increase emulsion stability by raising pH.

              TRIM® TC 204

              Blue Dye

              TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 204

              TRIM® TC 204 is a water-soluble blue dye. The product is used tank side to replenish depleted dye in water-soluble products or to color undyed products.

                TRIM® TC 211

                pH Adjuster/Emulsion Stabilizer

                TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 211

                TRIM® TC 211 is an amine-based pH adjuster used to replenish depleted alkalinity in metalworking fluid working solutions. It is especially effective in central systems and batch recycling systems.

                • pH adjustment
                • Emulsion stabilization
                • Central systems
                • Replenish depleted alkalinity

                TRIM® TC 220

                pH Adjuster

                TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 220

                TRIM® TC 220 is a triazine compound that is very effective in maintaining pH and building reserve alkalinity in metalworking fluid working solutions. Controlling pH within the design range of the product and maintaining an appropriate level of reserve alkalinity are key elements in extending sump life, controlling both liquid and vapor phase corrosion, and controlling the particle size and emulsion stability of soluble oils.

                • pH adjustment
                • Building reserve alkalinity
                • Extending sump life
                • Controlling both liquid and vapor phase corrosion

                TRIM® TC 227

                Lubricity Additive

                TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 227

                TRIM® TC 227 is a mixture of lubricity additives. It is designed to increase the hydrodynamic lubrication of water-miscible cutting and grinding fluids. It is particularly effective in increasing tool life and reducing the forces generated in drilling, tapping, and reaming operations in soft, gummy materials. TC 227 has also been effective as an add to chemical coolants used for roll-form tapping in wrought and extruded aluminum alloys.

                  TRIM® TC 233

                  Lubricity Additive

                  TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 233

                  TRIM® TC 233 is a dual-purpose additive which is used in synthetic (e.g., TRIM® C270, C276, etc.) and some semisynthetic (e.g., TRIM® SC230, etc.) coolants. It can increase lubricity for operations such as drilling or tapping. At fluid temperatures above 95°F (35°C), it will act as an anti-foam.

                    TRIM® TC 234

                    Recycling Additive

                    TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 234

                    TRIM® TC 234 is a mixture of chemicals to replace the materials that may be preferentially depleted in some (cationic) synthetic and semisynthetic products. Some of these products have such low carryoff that normal make-up will not replace all of the materials which are depleted over long periods of use. When TC 234 is used as part of a comprehensive recycling or coolant management program, it will replace and/or enhance both the ferrous and nonferrous corrosion inhibition systems of coolant working solutions.

                      TRIM® TC 239

                      Paintable Antifoam/Defoamer

                      TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 239

                      TRIM® TC 239 is a paintable, plateable additive used to control foam in metalworking fluids and parts washing systems.

                      • Paintable
                      • Plateable

                      TRIM® TC 251

                      Non-chlorinated Lubricity Additive

                      TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 251

                      TRIM® TC 251 is a non-chlorinated lubricity additive. It is used as a tank-side additive to water-soluble and semisynthetic coolant systems to increase lubricity.

                      • Non-chlorinated
                      • Increases lubricity in water-soluble and semisynthetic coolant systems
                      • New chlorine free EP additives stay in systems longer

                      TRIM® TC 252

                      Water Conditioner and Defoamer

                      TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 252

                      TRIM® TC 252 is a calcium acetate tank-side-add water conditioner used to aid in the control of foam. TC 252 replenishes the calcium when the calcium may have been stripped though reverse osmosis or deionization.

                      • Water Conditioner
                      • Defoamer
                      • Calcium replenisher
                      • Also conditions water that is naturally soft and low in calcium