VHP® Product (Very High Pressure)

Stand up to pressure:

TRIM® VHP® (Very High Pressure) fluids perform in high-volume, high-pressure applications with little to no foam. These specialized heavy-duty emulsions (or soluble oils) are used in very high-pressure operations where extreme lubrication is required.

VHP soluble oils provide the boundary lubrication necessary in operations such as creepfeed grinding, drilling, milling, turning, tapping, or roll-form threading of multiple metals.

VHP soluble oils leave a soft, fluid film for easy cleaning, and lower maintenance costs.

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Cutting and Grinding FLuid Concentrate

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VHP™ E820 is an aerospace approved, low to no foam chlorine free soluble oil. It is ideally suited for those operations that utilize high-pressure, high-volume coolant. VHP E820 is a fluid that will allow you to get maximum benefits from high velocity through-the-tool coolant delivery systems on VMCs and HMCs and will assist in achieving maximum productivity from creep feed and VIPER grinders. While VHP E820 is very stable and operator "friendly", its greatest strength comes from its ability to help you get the job done. It is compatible will all metals and many non-metallic materials as well. Even with a product as "gutsy" as VHP E820 it will run for extended periods of time without additives and do so in a very clean manner.

  • A very versatile product that works well in a wide range of operations such as production, creep feed grinding and milling, turning, drilling, and tapping
  • Proven performer in difficult creep feed grinding operations
  • Fine soluble oil emulsion reduces carry-off for low total operating cost
  • Fast wetting to get the fluid to the point of cut and fully coat the work piece and chips for superior corrosion prevention
  • Very low foam, without the use of conventional defoamers
  • Easily recycled or disposed of without special handling or equipment
  • Contains no DEA, boron, chlorine, nitrites, formaldehyde releasers, or phenolic compounds