随着时间推移、切削磨削液会分层、池边添加剂可以解决这些问题。 TRIM® 池边添加剂与大部分冷却液兼容、能够延长丝锥和刀具寿命、提升机械润滑性、控制积屑瘤、避免工件着色、控制泡沫、稳定乳液以及恢复颜色。

无论你的问题或担忧是什么、请咨询 TRIM专家、如何用池边添加剂帮助您解决问题。

数的产品类别 4

TRIM® TC 155


TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 155

TRIM® TC155 是一种用于水溶性和直油系统的有色金属腐蚀抑制剂。它对防止含铜压铸合金的着色和白锈尤其有效。

  • 可防止含铜压铸合金的着色和白锈
  • 有色金属腐蚀抑制

TRIM® TC 175


TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 175

TRIM® TC 175 是一种氯化 EP(极压)润滑/乳化剂添加剂产品。该产品可以添加到水溶性冷却剂系统中,替代或增加系统中氯极压添加剂的含量。

    TRIM® TC 177


    TRIM<sup>®</sup> TC 177

    TRIM® TC 177 是一款“香草”气味面具。本产品可用于减少某些与冷却系统有关的气味。

    • “香草”气味面具

    TRIM® TC 241A


    TRIM® TC 241A is a long lasting antifoam that does not contain any of the silicone or poly-siloxane ingredients usually found in antifoam. This unique formula results in much longer functional life when compared to traditional antifoams.

    • Only add to synthetic fluids
    • Use 0.01 (100 PPM) as the add rate
    • Pre-mix in either clean water or coolant working solution
    • Adding a little at a time, “up stream” of the filter helps to ensure maximum effectiveness
    • When properly mixed into the working solution, TRIM TC 241A will pass through filtration down to 2 microns, however, when not properly mixed, it may be filtered out
    • This material is very stable, and when properly mixed, three to four weeks between adds is typical
    • Fluid temperatures must be 21°C or higher at the point of agitation