TRIM® MicroSol™ 590XT


TRIM<sup>®</sup> MicroSol<sup>®</sup> 590XT - 5 gallon Pail

TRIM® MicroSol™ 590XT

TRIM® MicroSol® 590XT 是一种环保型半合成微乳型冷却剂、其配方通过了航空航天认证测试要求。它采用最新技术、提供长寿命和对敏感合金的出色保护。MicroSol 590XT 通过使用最环保的安全成分制成的坚固的稳定性包装、改进了前几代产品经证实的性能。该配方深受环保倡导者、安全专业人士和要求严格的生产经理的喜爱。

  • 符合最严格的航空航天规范、并已获得许多航空航天认证
  • 保护和防止敏感合金的腐蚀、包括航空航天和核材料
  • 无氯、三嗪、甲醛释放物、酚类、硼、仲胺
  • 显著延长使用寿命、不需要使用罐侧杀虫剂或杀菌剂
  • 低发泡、适用于当今苛刻的高压、大容量应用
  • 针对钛、铝、钢、不锈钢和 Inconel® 加工应用的冷却和润滑性的优化组合
  • 高硅铝合金上氯化可溶性油的卓越替代品
  • 为所有黑色金属和有色金属提供优异的腐蚀抑制
  • 保持部件和机器非常干净、以减少维修和生产时间

TRIM® MicroSol™ 590XT   
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TRIM® MicroSol® 590XT

My name is Charles Davis, Jr., with C & R Machine. We are trying the new MicroSol 590XT. We're running it in some 12L14 for some conveying system rollers. With 590XT I am getting better surface finishes, better insert life compared to my older coolant which was an oil based coolant, a lot less maintenance with this coolant compared to the oil based and it mixes well and stays mixed, where I always had separation before with the oil based coolant. That's where we're running it pretty hard um like I said we are still seeing better tool life, I haven't seen any of the speeds and feeds from what I always ran before, still running the same, we're getting a little bit better tool life. With the 590XT we are seeing a lot better surface finishes, the chips are coming out a lot nicer, parts are coming out nicer, and cleaner, a lot less time to clean parts up after they are machined, this is a single op where we just de-burr it and dry the parts off and they go into the box, from there.

2015-11-24, 美式英语

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