In 1951, Clyde A. Sluhan launched Master Fluid Solutions® and TRIM® cutting and grinding fluids, which expanded to become the company’s signature line. But with the larger mission of improving the manufacturing sector in every possible way, it wasn’t long before Master Fluid Solutions began branching out into other areas. After pioneering the first fluid recycling system, product development at Master Fluid Solutions turned their attention to innovating another important process in machine shops: cleaning.

The Master STAGES™ catalog is a comprehensive line of all-purpose cleaners, part washers, and corrosion inhibitors designed to deliver the highest quality and most cost-effective performance in the industry. The wide array of products are formulated for compatibility with every type of material and cleaning need. Over the years, the products have helped customers achieve drastic improvements to various key performance indicators (KPIs).

Here are four of the biggest improvements Master STAGES products have helped customers achieve:

1. Consolidating Multiple Solutions

One customer, a globally recognized tool manufacturer that has led their industry since the 1800s, sought to improve margins by reducing operating costs. They identified that the best way to do this was through vendor consolidation and reducing the number of products used throughout their operation. The customer switched to Master STAGES™ CLEAN F2™, an all-purpose cleaner concentrate designed to handle multiple cleaning applications.

CLEAN F2 was able to replace an entire line of competitors’ products while delivering superior results. The customer even noticed improved cleaning power at lower concentrations than usual. As a result, the customer cut cleaning costs by 15%.

2. More Cleaning Power, Less Effort

An aluminum alloy and steel wheel manufacturer based on Rayong, Thailand, struggled with heavy dirt and grime collecting around the shop, especially on machinery. The powder-based solution they used was inexpensive, but failed to effectively clean up soils that accumulated throughout operations, even at high concentrations. In addition to the poor performance, workers had to follow up cleaning with additional steps to remove chemical residue from surfaces.

The customer switched to Master STAGES™ CLEAN AMO™, a naturally formulated, water-soluble cleaner optimized for maximum soil removal at low concentrations. At just 2% concentration, the new product achieved far better results on all surfaces in the machine shop than the previous solution. Increasing concentration to 5% yielded even more impressive results. The cleaner stripped all surfaces of dirt and grime without the need for any manual scrubbing, drastically reducing cleaning times in the process.

3. Reducing White Rust Formation

An automotive manufacturer based in Thailand struggled with a cleaning solution that caused corrosion without additional chemical additives. The multiple fluids were difficult to manage and extended time required for cleaning which drastically increased supply and labor costs. The customer converted to Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2115AL, a low-foam synthetic low-foam parts cleaner especially compatible with aluminum and steel that provides superior in-process protection.

After switching to Clean 2115AL, the customer significantly reduced corrosion and cleaning time. In addition to this superior part protection, the product also helped reduce waste with a cleaner bath life of 15 days — more than double the previous solution.

4. Drastically Reduced Costs

CLEAN 2115AL also helped another customer reduce cleaning solution costs by 50%. Similar results were achieved by a customer that switched to Master STAGES™ Task2™ GF. A globally recognized automotive manufacturer based in Canada, the customer struggled to find a solution that could effectively clean oil from their machinery.

Eco-friendly, low VOC Task2 GF proved ideal for their operation. In spite of its superior cleaning ability, the product cost significantly less per drum than their previous cleaner, while performing better at lower concentrations. The lower price, combined with reduced consumption, resulted in a 34% reduction to cleaning solution costs.

As manufacturers face increasingly tight production schedules and strained operations, the choice in cleaning solution is proving to be just as important as the choice in cutting fluid. Master STAGES continues to prove its superior performance in shops across the world, and every industry. To learn more, or to schedule a trial at your facility, call +1 800-537-3365 or email us at [email protected].