Since its inception, Master Fluid Solutions® has been dedicated to elevating the manufacturing and industrial sector through high-quality products as well as education. Founded in 1951 with the invention of TRIM® cutting fluids, the company began to normalize the practice of coolant recycling. Master Fluid Solutions was focused on sustainability, and that core competency continues today.

Now, Master Fluid Solutions is expanding efforts to educate manufacturers in partnership with MTDCNC and producing a series of educational videos, expert interviews, and product highlights. In this new venture, the platform will leverage the Master Fluid Solutions team’s deep insight of metalworking fluids and improving manufacturing processes for their audience across North America and the globe. Production is currently underway, and MTDCNC will begin posting video content on their YouTube and other channels this summer.

An Introduction to MTDCNC

MTDCNC is quickly becoming one of the leading purveyors of industry news, trends, and technology insight for manufacturers trying to make the best purchasing decisions. Formed in 2006, the outlet originally focused on the UK market, but their tireless dedication to providing the most insightful reviews and analysis helped the company quickly expand to North America and other critical markets. As of 2019, MTDCNC is a global company with a standalone news site, YouTube channel, podcast, and other content outlets highlighting the biggest innovations in the industry.

Leading the way in producing content with Master Fluid Solutions is Tony Gunn, the General Manager leading the U.S. division of MTDCNC. Tony has more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry on both the shop floor and business sides, making him ideally suited to vet products and their performance in the machine shop, as well as the impact they will have on company revenue and profits.

Throughout his career he has worked as a machinist, manufacturing engineering manager, design director, marketing manager, and VP of international sales. In addition to his wide range of experience in manufacturing, his work has taken him all across the U.S., holding positions in Washington D.C., Richmond, various parts of Florida, and San Diego. Tony’s wealth of experience in these various roles demonstrates his insight into the global manufacturing industry.

Building a Better Manufacturing Industry Together

The new partnership with MTDCNC continues Master Fluid Solutions’ longstanding dedication to educating metalworking facilities and improving every aspect of the manufacturing industry. Throughout our 70-year history, the company has been a staunch advocate for raising quality standards, and even creating paradigm shifts in how things are done. Early on, Master Fluid Solutions was a pioneer in fluid conservation, and the industry has since evolved to be more eco-conscious. Now, more than ever, companies are invested in preventing coolant waste and realizing its impact on profitability and sustainability. And as operations move increasingly toward sustainable and advanced manufacturing, Master Fluid Solutions is the only metalworking fluid manufacturer to join America Makes, a trade organization dedicated to knowledge sharing to improve 3D printing technology.

Master Fluid Solutions also continues to invest in trade and vocational training programs to empower the next generation of manufacturing workers. This new partnership with MTDCNC and Tony Gunn is the next logical extension of our mission to uplift the industry and show manufacturing leaders what their operations are truly capable of.

To learn more about cutting fluid, or any of our education initiatives, call +1 800-537-3365 or email us at [email protected].