If there’s any doubt about the recovery of the manufacturing industry, then the 2022 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) should put all concerns to rest. From September 12 to 17, nearly 90,000 manufacturing professionals from around the world descended upon McCormick Place in Chicago to see and experience the latest advancements in machining, CAD, fabrication, gear generation, additive manufacturing, and metalworking fluids. For the 33rd iteration of the event, more than 1,800 exhibitors covered 1.3 million net square feet of show floor, filled to capacity throughout the week with more than 90,000 visitors.

Hosted every even-numbered year, the 2020 show was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making this the first IMTS event held in four years. The excitement was contagious as the 2022 show kicked off and only grew throughout the week. Many exhibitors and attendees saw each other in person for the first time since the pandemic began. Exhibitors also had four years’ worth of new products and innovations to showcase, making this one of the most jam-packed trade shows in IMTS history.

A New Era of Possibility

Since the last IMTS in 2018, Master Fluid Solutions® has accelerated global expansion, introduced several new products and product categories, acquired WEDOLiT, and even celebrated the company’s landmark 70th anniversary. Here’s what IMTS attendees learned about when they visited Master Fluid Solutions at Booth 431956:

The First Bio-Based TRIM® Product: HyperSol™ 888NXT

Just a few years ago, Master Fluid Solutions premiered TRIM HyperSol™ 888NXT, one of the brand’s most advanced cutting fluids to date. Composed of a majority of plant-based and renewable ingredients, the fluid was officially inducted into the USDA’s BioPreferred catalog for its cutting-edge, bio-based formulation.

HyperSol 888NXT completely transforms the perception of eco-friendly cutting fluids, often performing significantly better than conventional cutting fluids in difficult-to-machine materials, even as it protects the environment and reduces resource consumption. What’s more, HyperSol is compatible with a wide array of materials and operations, making it an indispensable tool for manufacturers trying to reduce their environmental and carbon footprint while improving performance and controlling costs.

Bringing TRIM to Additive Manufacturing

As shown by the incredible number of advancements in Additive Manufacturing that premiered at the 2022 IMTS, AM continues to increase market share and become an important technology for manufacturers to incorporate into their operations. Recognizing that subtractive manufacturing techniques still play a role in finishing AM parts and components, Master Fluid Solutions has led the way in perfecting cutting fluids compatible with the composites and materials used in additive manufacturing.

Visitors got to learn about the role of newer fluids like TRIM C390 and TRIM MicroSol® 692XT in mixed machining operations. To date, Master Fluid Solutions is the only metalworking fluid company to join the America Makes network, an industry trade group dedicated to advancing additive manufacturing technology for more efficient and sustainable production.

MicroSol 642RX: TRIM’s Medical-Industry-Focused Cutting Fluid

The star of the Master Fluid Solutions booth during IMTS was undeniably TRIM MicroSol 642RX — a medical-grade cutting fluid designed to meet the stringent production regulations surrounding medical equipment.

Fully compatible with medical materials such as titanium, stainless steels, and aluminum alloys, Master Fluid Solutions is meeting the needs of the medical manufacturing industry with its next-generation cutting and grinding fluid that meets the needs of facilities producing medical instruments, ortho instruments, prosthetic devices, endoscopy and surgical tools, and medical implants.

Metalworking Moving Forward

With so much change happening in the world and marketplace, the future is shrouded in uncertainty. But as shown by the passion throughout the 2022 IMTS, the manufacturing industry is dedicated to building a better world, and Master Fluid Solutions is committed to supplying the most advanced metalworking fluids in the industry to support their efforts.

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