Throughout its 70-year history, Master Fluid Solutions® has grown into a global, industry leading metalworking fluid brand, with its signature TRIM® line of cutting fluids redefining quality and performance in every category. The brand has played a pivotal role in helping manufacturers across industries overcome production hurdles. Now, as the U.S. deepens its commitment to reshoring and nearshoring operations, some premium international TRIM fluids are coming home to help.

TRIM® E715: Thriving In Demanding Multi-Metal and Precision Parts Operations

One cutting fluid that’s found success abroad is TRIM® E715, a high-quality soluble oil with near-universal application. The coolant is compatible with a wide range of metals and alloys, including aluminum, steel, and stainless. E715 even excels in working with challenging materials such as titanium. Despite this, the fluid maintains cleanliness and high performance even with minimal maintenance.

Designed for most materials and metal removal operation, E715 features a high degree of both cooling and mechanical lubricity and even provides maximum protection in extreme pressure environments. Its reliable performance has made this the fluid of choice for many consistent and precision parts manufacturers throughout Europe. Now, E715 is entering the North American market at a time when manufacturers need stability most.

“TRIM® E715 has been a best seller in Europe and makes the perfect addition to our U.S. portfolio,” says Justin Geach, Global OEM/MTB and NA NBD Manager. “Being a universal, low-foam, premium emulsion, E715 will help high-precision manufacturers and job shops alike achieve stable and reliable operations so they can focus on growth.”

One UK-based aerospace parts supplier switched to E715 to overcome bacterial contamination issues, but also significantly improved part quality in the process. The supplier machined a wide array of materials, including aerospace-grade aluminum, and needed a high-performance, bacteria-resistant coolant that was also compatible with all their operations.

Their previous solution was easily contaminated, the manufacturer frequently had to shut down sumps for cleaning at the cost of $76 per hour. Poor part quality also resulted in a high scrap rate. At $2,330 per scrapped component, losses were high. After switching to E715, the customer was able to minimize the frequency of costly cleanouts and saved an impressive $9,325 per year.

A Go-To Solution for North American Precision Parts Manufacturers

Manufacturing in the U.S. is entering a bold new era, and shop managers need reliable solutions and support to find success in this transitional period. Versatile, highly stable, and cost effective, TRIM E715 can bolster operations in any kind of metalworking environment in North America. To learn more about the product, or to schedule a free trial, please contact us at 1-800-537-3365 or [email protected].