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& Master STAGES™
Solutions To Make Your Production Soar
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Meeting the Challenges of the Oil and Gas Industry
Because THEIR Critical Operations Depend on YOUR Critical Operations
Innovative Products and Services Deliver Continuous Productivity and Profitability Enhancements to the Automotive Industry
& Master STAGES™
Solutions To Make Your Production Soar
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TRIM® MicroSol® 590XT Soars to new heights!
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TRIM Metalworking Fluids For more than 60 years TRIM® metalworking fluids has lead the industry for all types of cutting and grinding operations. Known worldwide for superior performance, TRIM meets the demands of specialized industries such as automotive, aerospace, and medical parts manufacturers.
  For the full range of cutting and grinding applications for synthetics, semisynthetics, and soluble oils, TRIM delivers longer tool and sump life, better finished parts, and a better bottom line.
neo-synthetic neo-synthetic Our neo-synthetics, a revolutionary new category of fluid formulated with leading edge technology, is changing the way the industry looks at coolants.

Neo-synthetics keep machines running clean using the most environmentally-safe ingredients satisfying strict environmental advocates, safety professionals and demanding production managers alike.
MicroSol MicroSol® Products For ultimate performance:

TRIM® MicroSol® semisynthetic microemulsion coolants deliver high-performance lubricity and ultimately lowers costs. Achieve precision parts, exceptional tool life, extended sump life, assured regulatory compliance, and greater profitability with the MicroSol product just right for your production.

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the aerospace, medical, automotive, and high production, precision parts manufacturing industries, there's a MicroSol to answer your concerns, ramp up your production, and boost your bottom line.
Soluble Oils Soluble Oil Cutting & Grinding Fluids Geared up for production:

With superior lubricity and a higher oil content, TRIM® emulsions provide a greater boundary layer between the tool and the material. TRIM Emulsions are ideal for lower, less than 600 SFPM, applications such as broaching, reaming, deep hole drilling, drilling, tapping and centerless grinding. 

Emulsions work well for machining copper, yellow metals, steel alloys, cast aluminiums, wrought aluminiums and tough-to-machine titanium and nickel-based alloys.
Soluble Oils
Semisynthetics Semisynthetics Cutting & Grinding Fluids Cutting edge solutions:

TRIM® semisynthetics offer the cooling and lubricity of a synthetic without the higher oil content of an emulsion. Designed to operate at higher SFPM, semisynthetics perform well on many operations including face milling, cut-off turning, grinding, tapping, and drilling — depending on the specific product.

Semisynthetics are compatible with alloy steels, tool steels, cast irons, copper alloys, as well as plastics and composites. With less carryoff, semisynthetics use less material — it all adds up to lower costs.
Synthetics Synthetics Cutting & Grinding Fluids Peak your performance:

TRIM® clean-running synthetics contain little-to-no oil. They are hard-water tolerant with good corrosion protection. Plus, synthetics leave very low residue for easy cleaning. Paired with extremely low carryoff, synthetics translate to less maintenance and lower operational costs, saving you time and money.

Run clean and long with TRIM synthetics.
Neat Oils Neat Oil Cutting & Grinding Fluids Neatly to the point-of-cut:

TRIM® neat oils, used "neat" without dilution of water, provide maximum lubricity. Typically used for operations such as sliding head machines, honing, grinding very difficult-to-machine materials, and gun drilling.

Depending on the specific product, some TRIM neat oils are a high-end blend of various base oils; while others contain extreme-pressure additives to control built-up edge and prolong tool life.

Get neatly to the cut with TRIM neat oils.
Neat Oils
High Performance Neat Oils High Performance, Highest Purity Neat Oils Tough water white grinding oils:

Use TRIM® high purity, high performance neat oils for tough carbide and HSS tool grinding.

Utilising either highly refined hydrocracked base oils, fully saturated esters or a combination of the two ensures very low levels of mist, foam and consumption rates while delivering safe, high flash points. TRIM high performance neat oils provide excellent wheel flushing properties, good friction reduction qualities and workpiece cooling.

High purity delivers tough grinding performance.
High Performance Neat Oils
Tapping Tapping Compounds Added machinability:

With strong friction-reducing properties, TRIM® TAP synthetic and synthetic blend straight oils are made for metals of low machinability. For added lubricity on extremely tough jobs, TAP oils ensure longer tool life, excellent surface finish, and parts size control.

All TAP products are compatible with all TRIM coolants.

Don't get tapped out — put TRIM TAP fluids to work for you.
Speciality Speciality Fluids Specially suited to your operation:

TRIM® specialty fluids are specifically tailored to unique needs, such as very high-pressure or high-volume applications, or to address specific code or approval requirements.

Whatever your problem or unique requirement, there is always a TRIM solution for you.
Master STAGES Cleaning & RP Fluids As effective cleaning and metal protection is essential to attaining precision parts and exceptional surface finish, Master STAGES' products include a full line of parts cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, and maintenance cleaners. Designed for aerospace, medical, automotive, energy exploration, heavy equipment, and general manufacturing production, these products meet stringent requirements to keep customers environmentally compliant, running at peak performance, and more profitable.

Have health and safety issues? Problems with foam? Rust? Coolant or oily residue on parts? High disposal costs?

Whether you are a mega-manufacturer or job shop, whatever your production problems and concerns, we have a performance-proven product specifically designed to meet your needs and make the real difference. It's the Master STAGES difference — the right solution for the job at the right price.
Cleaners Cleaners & Washing Compounds For single to multi-stage spray, high-pressure, immersion, and ultrasonics washers, Master STAGES™ highly-concentrated cleaners and aqueous-based washing compounds offer long sump life and tramp oil rejection, low foam, low mist, low carryoff, and biostability — many with no EP additives or SARA 313 reportable ingredients. Looking for onestep corrosion protection? Have problems with hard water? Or foam? Looking for cleaner parts at lower cost?

Cleaning residues from coolant and light oil? Or removing more stubborn grease, heavy oil, drawing compounds,
lubricants, waxy soil, oxidation, or rust? For metals ranging aluminum, steels, cast iron, stainless steels, alloys, brass, bronze, copper, to magnesium, there is a Master STAGES cleaner targeted to do the job.

Master STAGES line of synthetic and semisynthetic in-process sump and central system cleaners dramatically extend coolant life and remarkably reduce downtime.

And our hard-working maintenance cleaners get the grit and grime from machines, work surfaces, ceramics, plastics, glass, and floors — without harmful, corrosive, chemical compounds. Get it really clean with Master STAGES!
Spray Spray Alkaline In-process Cleaners By flooding parts with the chemical cleaner, spray cleaning offers a fast, effective way to remove soil, coolant, and oil residue from a variety of metals, and Master STAGES spray cleaners are specially tailored to do the job quickly, effectively, with less makeup, and no staining of parts. Master STAGES in-process spray cleaners are tough and fast-acting with very low V.O.C. and no SARA 313 reportable ingredients.

There's a Master STAGES spray cleaner specifically designed for cleaning residues ranging from coolant, light to heavy oil, grease, drawing compounds, lubricants, waxy soil, oxidation, or rust from metals ranging from aluminum, steels, cast iron, stainless steels, alloys, brass, bronze, copper, to magnesium.

Offering increased life, good tramp oil rejection, low odor, low foam, and low mist, and additional corrosion protection, highly-concentrated Master STAGES spray cleaners produce clean parts while reducing overall costs.
Immersion Immersion Alkaline In-process Cleaners Immersion washers effectively remove residue from light to heavy soils, light rust, coolant, oil, drawing compounds, lubricants, waxy soil, and corrosion inhibitors. Designed for cleaning aluminum, steels, cast iron, stainless steels, alloys, brass, bronze, copper, and magnesium and for multiple-metal situations, Master STAGES highly-concentrated cleaners allow immersion washers to run at lower concentrations and lower temperatures with increased bath life, less foam, and added corrosion protection.

Environmentally friendly, and free of SARA 313 reportable ingredients, cost-effective Master STAGES immersion cleaners ensure exceptional parts cleaning while using less product and less energy — for a better bottom line.
Ultrasonics Ultrasonic Alkaline In-process Cleaners Ultrasonic parts washers — widely used in the medical, aerospace, automotive, mining, energy, and precision parts
industries — offer results often far beyond that of traditional cleaning methods. Master STAGES specifically developed ultrasonic in-process cleaners are highly effective in removing dirt, oils, rust, bacteria, grease, drawing compounds, waxy soil and other contaminants from a wide variety of metals.

Whether cleaning aluminum, steels, cast iron, stainless steels, alloys, brass, bronze, copper, or magnesium, Master STAGES has the ultrasonic in-process alkaline product to get it really clean.

Offering exceptional wetting ability, reduced cycle times, longer bath life, and faster, safer precision parts cleaning, yet are environmentally friendly, Master STAGES ultrasonic cleaners are the cost-effective solution to achieving a matchless surface finish.
Maintenance Maintenance Cleaners Whether cleaning true grit or light soil from machines, work surfaces, glass, or floors, there's a highly-concentrated, cost-effective Master STAGES cleaner to get the job done and save hours of maintenance. So, don't just get it clean — get it Master STAGES clean!
Master STAGES highly concentrated Whamex™ sump and central system cleaners for interim and full cleanouts extend sump life, are very cost effective, and greatly reduce downtime.

All Master STAGES environmentally-friendly products are safe for human contact and free of harmful, corrosive chemicals.
Corrosion Inhibitors Corrosion Inhibitors Nothing is more counterproductive to superior surface finish than corrosion. Highly-effective Master STAGES corrosion inhibitors provide excellent protection on metals ranging from cast iron, steels, and other ferrous metals, aluminum and copper alloys, brass, and bronze with protection ranging from several days to a full 12 months and longer. Whether needing indoor corrosion protection during interim steps of the machining process, long-term outdoor protection, or for shipping parts overseas, there is a Master STAGES product to give you the assurance you need.

Master STAGES rust preventatives (RPs) can be applied by dip, flood coating, ambient-temperature or heated spraying, roller, or brush, are easily removed — and most are barium-free with low V.O.C. content. Get cost-effective protection you can rely on with Master STAGES RPs.
Corrosion Inhibitors
Synthetics Synthetic Corrosion Inhibitors Highly-concentrated and economical, Master STAGES™ synthetic corrosion inhibitors leave a thin, water soluble film to provide one-to-two months of rust and oxidation protection. Clean and very low foaming, Master STAGES synthetic corrosion inhibitors are barium-free with very low V.O.C. content.
Emulsions Emulsion Corrosion Inhibitors Protect metal parts from rust and oxidation for up to six months with super-concentrated, very economical Master STAGES™ emulsion corrosion inhibitors. Barium-free with very low V.O.C. content, environmentally friendly Master STAGES emulsion corrosion inhibitors are built for low-pressure spray, immersion, and dip applications.
Cleaners+RP Cleaners+RP Corrosion Inhibitors Master STAGES™ CLEAN family of advanced-technology products offer highly effective cleaning and with the same in-process "one-step" method, leave behind an effective, short-term, anticorrosive film.

Designed for specific metals, desired length of corrosion inhibition, and applications ranging from spray, immersion, ultrasonic parts, and dip tank cleaning, Master STAGES cleaners+RP inhibitors are all highly concentrated and economical, most with low foam and very low V.O.C. content.
Oil/Solvent Oil/Solvent Corrosion Inhibitors Master STAGES™ oil- or solvent-based corrosion inhibitors, or rust preventatives, are nonstaining, water displacing, and can be used on a wide variety of metals. Whether dipping or spraying, short or long term, there's a very highly concentrated, rugged Master STAGES corrosion inhibitor to give you the protection you need.

corrosion inhibition
corrosion inhibition
corrosion inhibition
corrosion inhibition
corrosion inhibition
corrosion inhibition
corrosion inhibition
corrosion inhibition
corrosion inhibition
corrosion inhibition
tube drawing
tube drawing
tube drawing
tube drawing
tube drawing
tube drawing
tube welding
tube welding
tube welding
tube welding
VDA Approved
VDA Approved
water miscible
water miscible
water miscible
water miscible
water miscible
water miscible
water miscible
water miscible
water miscible
water miscible

Automotive Parts Manufacturer in Thailand Reduces Coolant Consumption by 42% With WEDOLiT™ FW 7652 Automotive Parts Manufacturer in Thailand Reduces Coolant Consumption by 42% With WEDOLiTª FW 7652

Based in Thailand, the customer is a well-respected and growing auto and motorcycle parts manufacturer. They specialise in producing stainless steel parts for exhaust systems, especially pipes and inlet tubes. The company has been instrumental in the expansion of the automotive industry in Thailand and South Asia.



One of the biggest problems the customer encountered during manufacturing was their previous coolant left a sticky residue on the tubes. The fluid also created substantial foam during operation, contributing to low-quality surface finishes for their parts. The additional cleaning and reworking significantly reduced throughput and labour efficiency.
Additionally, the sticky residue and foam caused the machines, dies and rollers to get dirty and accumulate contaminants, requiring special cleaning that further reduced production output. The foam, along with a short sump life, led to frequent fluid changes, driving up manufacturing costs.

The customer transitioned to WEDOLiT FW 7652, a speciality fluid best suited for wire drawing and forming welded stainless steel tubes. In addition to providing superior lubrication and forming ability, FW 7652 offers significant corrosion protection, even at a concentration of four to six percent. The productÕs excellent thermal stability allows it to be used throughout the production process, including initial forming, high-heat welding, calibrating and sawing.



WEDOLiT FW 7652 produces no foam and keeps workpieces and machines clean throughout the manufacturing process. After switching to the new product, surface finish for completed parts immediately improved. Machine operators also reported a better shop environment due to less odour and significantly improved tramp oil rejection over their previous product.
Another advantage is WEDOLiT FW 7652 features a robust formulation and excellent sump life, even without additional tank side additives. Combined with a lower carry-off rate, the new WEDOLiT formula has allowed the customer to lower their fluid usage from 7.7 imperial gallons per month down to 4.4, a 42 percent decrease.

Customer drastically reduced foam, residue and extended sump life

Reduced fluid consumption 42%, from 7.7 to 4.4 imperial gallons per month

Decreased residue on tubes, leading to lower production costs

©2021  Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions¨, TRIM¨ and MicroSol¨ are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions.  2021-07-21
Coolant Consumption Reduced by 42%
Global Tool Manufacturer Reduces Cleaner Costs by 15% with Master Fluid Solution™ Global Tool Manufacturer Reduces Cleaner Costs by 15% With Master Fluid Solutionsª

Since the mid-1800s, our customer has built their tool manufacturing empire into a catalogue of globally recognised brands and services. Their growing product portfolio encompasses consumer and industrial tools, vehicle and electronic fasteners, and even cutting-edge security services.



At their flagship manufacturing facility, our customer sought to reduce operating costs by over Û1.6 million / £1.4 million by consolidating suppliers and utilising superior fluid solutions, including cleaning products.
Previously, the facility used various cleaning solutions to handle different tasks, such as mopping floors, wiping surfaces, washing parts and removing oil spills. In total, they used approximately 24,980 imperial gallons of cleaning products per year.

Master Fluid Solutions helped the manufacturer consolidate their cleaning needs and solutions into one product: Master STAGESª CLEAN F2ª, an all-purpose concentrate designed for multiple cleaning applications. The versatile formula can also be used to manually mop floors, clean spills, wipe down numerous surfaces and wash parts. It includes the capability to remove heavy soils from floors without harming concrete, tile and linoleum coating or paint. It also doesnÕt leave sticky or slippery residues in the process.
Formulated without silicates and high pH additives, Master STAGES CLEAN F2 offers an excellent environmental footprint and doesnÕt negatively interact with or degrade TRIM¨ fluids. In addition, it can be put into spray bottles, providing exceptional cleaning at diluted concentrations that are safe for operators, reducing consumption and costs.



Master STAGES CLEAN F2 replaced the entire line of competitorsÕ cleaning solutions and equipment. Due to its superior performance, the customerÕs cleaning staff achieved better results with a lower concentration of the solution.
By tapping the power of Master Fluid Solutions and Master STAGES, our customer simplified and minimised their cleaning inventory with one multi-use formula. The company also reduced its overall cleaning solution consumption rate, translating to a 15 percent reduction in cleaner costs.

Consolidated numerous cleaning products into one solution

Reduced cleaner consumption by upgrading to higher-performing solution

Reduced cleaning supply costs by 15%

©2021  Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions¨, TRIM¨ and MicroSol¨ are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions.  2021-06-24
Cleaner Costs Reduced by 15%
Injection Mould Manufacturer Improves Productivity and Tool Life with TRIM<sup>®</sup> E923 Injection Mould Manufacturer Improves Productivity and Tool Life With TRIM¨ E923

One of North AmericaÕs leading mould builders creates high-quality, precision plastic injection moulds for automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Globally recognised for their high-tech tool production capabilities, the company has maintained a strong reputation of quality and precision for more than 30 years.



The injection mould manufacturer machines various steels, including AISI 4140, P20 and H13 tool steel. They use 11 machines to gundrill workpieces, each averaging a hole depth of 1.14 metres. Their previous cutting fluid had poor lubricity and created tacky residues, causing chips to become stuck and drag on the workpieces. This resulted in poor-quality finishes that frequently required reworking.
The existing fluid also accumulated dirt and contaminants, making parts difficult to clean and resulting in frequent coolant replacement and high coolant consumption. Clogged filters, proxy switches and lasers also caused machine downtime, forcing workers to clean and address the issues, leading to lost productivity.

The company switched to TRIM¨ E923, a proprietary blend of extreme pressure additives and new vegetable-based technology that requires minimal management for optimal performance and trouble-free machining. The high-quality emulsion extends tool life and optimises lubricity Ñ even in the most difficult cutting operations.
Formulated for extreme pressure and difficult materials, E923 can even replace traditional heavy-duty neat cutting oils in some applications.



Over a three month trial, the customer significantly improved drill life and surface finishes on completed moulds without additional rework. TRIM E923 eliminated clogged filters, sticking proxy switches and fouled lasers, greatly decreasing production time. Since filters lasted longer, their usage and associated costs were also reduced.
E923 also evaporates less than the previous coolant, lowering makeup rates and overall coolant usage while improving air quality. There has also been a significant increase in tool life, providing additional cost savings and productivity improvements. Additional savings have come from no longer needing to use special competitor test strips to monitor coolant concentration, as E923 is more compatible with refractometers.
The vegetable ester enhanced formulation improved the sustainability profile of the customerÕs operation. Plus, the customer reported that service and support has been noticeably better with Master Fluid Solutionsª than their previous supplier.

11 machines run with increased production efficiency, reduced machine maintenance and cleaning. 

Operating costs reduced by lower fluid consumption, longer tool life, less filter use and replacing special testing strips with refractometer usage.

©2021  Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions¨, TRIM¨ and MicroSol¨ are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions.  2021-04-27
Improve Productivity with TRIM E923
TRIM<sup>®</sup> Coolant Speeds Up Production of Valuable Compressors Needed to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic 

TRIM® Coolant Speeds Up Production of Valuable Compressors Needed to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, medical centres and pharmacies have had an unprecedented need for refrigeration units to help store lab specimens, medications and vaccines. Therefore, refrigerator manufacturers have required a high volume of compressors on extremely short notice.
The demand has become so high that several companies — including plants based in Asia producing bearings and rollers for rotary compressors — have seen their lead time increase from two to eight weeks, significantly slowing down the production of these life-saving components.



The customer grinds large amounts of cast iron and steel to produce compressor components. Despite replacing their synthetic coolant every three months, the customer struggled with the effects of dirty coolant, foam and inadequate rust protection. This led to inconsistent finishes and the need to rework parts. The downtime for cleaning machines and changing coolant, grinding wheel replacement and scrap parts lowered throughput and overall productivity. This was very costly from a production standpoint as well as delaying the delivery on life-saving components.

The customer switched from their existing synthetic coolants to the TRIM® cutting fluids from Master Fluid Solutions™. The signature coolants provide improved sump life, foam control, filtration capability, tramp oil rejection and reduced carry off compared to competitors. Many also have the multi-metal compatibility demanded by the HVAC manufacturing industry. Several TRIM fluids meet the requirements of the ASHRAE 97 standard sealed tube tests and additional individualised manufacturer tests are run as needed.
TRIM C270 offers a wide range of ferrous compatibility and corrosion protection; and semisynthetic solutions such as TRIM MicroSol® 585XT and the new HyperSol™ 888NXT are chlorine-free, offering a lower environmental impact. HyperSol 888NXT is also a USDA Certified Biobased Product due to its sustainability profile.



After switching to TRIM, the customer experienced an immediate improvement in their productivity. TRIM coolants stay cleaner for longer, reducing the amount of machine downtime, disposal odours and mist in the environment. Foam was also significantly reduced, leading to improved filterability and increased productivity.
TRIM is so successful at rejecting tramp oil, the customer has not had to replace their coolant in over eight months, eliminating machine downtime for system cleanouts. Both plants have cut their coolant consumption by 50 percent and reduced fluid costs by 30 to 40 percent.
The higher quality of TRIM cutting fluids has led to more consistent finishes and eliminated the need for costly rework. The increased productivity and reduction of waste have caused profits and productivity to soar for both facilities.

Reduced coolant consumption by 50%

Reduced cutting fluid costs by 30-40% 

Reduced machine downtime and additives for foam 

Extended coolant life to 8 months and counting 

Eliminated machine downtime needed for system cleanouts

©2021  Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions®, TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions.  2021-04-14
Coolant Speeds Up Production
Precision Stamping Manufacturer Cuts Tooling Costs by 67% with HyperSol™ 888NXT Precision Stamping Manufacturer Cuts Tooling Costs by 67% with HyperSol™ 888NXT

A precision stamping manufacturer for the automotive, aerospace and defence industries designs and builds progressive dies in their facility in California. They use these dies to produce high-quality, customised stampings for clients.



A long time Master Fluid Solutions™ customer, this manufacturer works with Inconel® 718, a nickel-based alloy used to produce parts and components for jet engines and high-speed airframe components. These parts, such as buckets, wheels and spacers were previously machined using TRIM® E906, a premium, high-lubricity low-foaming cutting fluid known for extending tool life on challenging materials.
While using E906 at high concentrations and three-edged grooving inserts, the company achieved a tool life of 50 parts per edge. At this rate, tool costs equated to €0.28/ £0.24 per part. However, the customer sought a way to increase throughput, reduce fluid consumption and further minimise the cost per part.

Master Fluid Solutions provided the manufacturer with a trial of TRIM HyperSol 888NXT, a patented, environmentally friendly, low-foam, low-odour, neo-synthetic coolant, which provides exceptional performance on Inconel® and other difficult materials. It excels with its superior lubricity, which is necessary for the most challenging applications and customers looking to maximise productivity.



The advanced performance of HyperSol 888NXT allowed the customer to cut their coolant concentration by more than half, from approximately 35% to 15%. In a three-day period, the company tripled tool life from 50 parts per edge to 150 parts per edge — simply by upgrading the cutting fluid. This translated to a reduced tool cost to €0.09/ £0.08 per part, a 67% decrease.
Previously, the customer spent €5,595/ £4,817 on inserts to produce 20,000 parts. Using tool life-extending HyperSol 888NXT, the customer reduced costs associated with the edge inserts down to €1,865/ £1,605, saving the end-user more than €3,500/ £3,000.
Now, the precision stamping manufacturer has ordered HyperSol 888NXT to use on other machines in their shop.

Reduced coolant concentration from 35% to 15%

Tripled tool life from 50 parts per tool edge to 150

Reduced tool cost per part by one third from €0.28/ £0.24 to €0.09/ £0.08, a 67% decrease

©2021  Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions®, TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions.  2021-04-14
Tooling Costs Cut by 67%
Precision Machining Operation Doubled Productivity with TRIM<sup>®</sup> HyperSol™ 888NXT Precision Machining Operation Doubled Productivity With TRIM¨ HyperSolª 888NXT

For over two decades, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer has provided precision machining services in the aerospace, defence and medical industries, as well as for global original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The manufacturer excels at short- and long-run production, making high-quality prototypes for various engineering projects.



The manufacturer has 12 machines on-site for milling, turning and five-axis machining operations. Workpieces include 17-4 stainless steel Ñ a challenging grade that contains 15 to 17 percent chromium, three to five percent copper and three to five percent nickel Ñ and Inconel¨, a durable nickel and chromium alloy used for aerospace applications.
The high-lubricity, machine-friendly characteristics of TRIM¨ MicroSol¨ 585XT allowed the manufacturer to maintain a long sump and tool life with an impressive throughput of 16 to 18 parts per hour.
They were also seeking a simple method to further improve productivity while reducing fluid consumption. Therefore, Master Fluid Solutionsª identified a coolant upgrade as the best plan of action.

The customer transitioned to the advanced TRIM¨ HyperSolª 888NXT, Master Fluid SolutionsÕ first patented neo-synthetic coolant. Previous metalworking fluid categories include straight oils, emulsions, semi synthetics and synthetics. Each category is recognised for their unique strengths and weaknesses in regards to cooling and lubricity. HyperSol 888NXT stands out with its unparalleled cooling and high lubricity Ñ a combination thatÕs never been achieved in a single cutting fluid. HyperSol 888NXT provides exceptional performance on hard aerospace metals, such as titanium and high-nickel alloys, stainless steels and Inconel¨, which are all used daily in the customerÕs operations. Certified as a USDA Biopreferred cutting fluid, HyperSol 888NXT also improved the customerÕs environmental footprint.



After 45 days of use, and changing nothing except the coolant used in their operation, the aerospace, defence and medical equipment manufacturer more than doubled the throughput of stainless steel from 16 to 18 parts per hour to between 36 and 40 parts per hour. Coolant consumption also decreased drastically because TRIM HyperSol 888NXT requires lower concentrations and makeup rates.
The Silicon Valley manufacturer has ordered additional drums of the new HyperSol 888NXT for use in its Inconel¨ machining operations.

Increased productivity by over 100%

Fluid consumption and makeup rates reduced

Doubled production throughput from 18 parts per hour to 36

©2021  Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions¨, TRIM¨ and MicroSol¨ are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions.  2021-04-02
Double Productivity with HyperSol 888NXT
Automotive Components Manufacturer Cuts Cleaning Chemical Cost By 34 Percent With Master STAGES™ Task2&trade GF Automotive Components Manufacturer Cuts Cleaning Chemical Cost By 34% With Master STAGES™ Task2™ GF

A manufacturer with facilities across North America, Europe and Asia, has been an automotive industry leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of fixed pedal modules, sensors and throttle controls. In the last 70 years, they’ve grown into a global company.



In their Canadian headquarters, which focuses on R&D and engineering, the manufacturer uses a substantial amount of stamping oils and other industrial lubricants in their daily operations. Oil mist, leaks and spills are difficult to clean and must be done regularly to protect the health and safety of employees and maintain the environment of the facility.
The manufacturer’s previous citrus-based cleaner performed adequately but was only effective at high concentrations, contributing to higher cleaner costs.

The manufacturer agreed to trial Master STAGES™ Task2™ GF, a powerful, non-butyl, water-based cleaner designed to fight tough grime in industrial, commercial and office environments. Though the formula has a low VOC content, it has proven to be high-performing enough to achieve the stringent Pratt & Whitney Aerospace Approval PMC 1247-1. Additionally, it’s environmentally friendly and certified as “Readily Biodegradable” by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It’s specially formulated to work in conjunction with TRIM® metalworking fluids.



Task2 GF costs €453/ £390 less per drum than the manufacturer’s previous cleaner, reducing spend by 34 percent. In spite of the lower price, the Master Fluid Solutions™ cleaner performed more effectively than the manufacturer’s previous citrus solution, greatly decreasing the amount of solution needed on a daily basis, translating to additional savings. The manufacturer is currently assessing how to implement Master Fluid Solutions’ cleaning products at their other facilities worldwide.

Savings of over €453/ £390 on cleaning supplies

A 34% reduction in spend per drum

Significantly reduced consumption of cleaning solution

©2021  Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions®, TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions.  2021-04-02
Cleaning Costs Cut by 34 Percent
WEDOLiT™ FW 9200 Replaces Lubricants, Coolants & Corrosion Protectants in 18-Step Ammunition Manufacturing Process 
WEDOLiT™ FW 9200 Replaces Lubricants, Coolants & Corrosion Protectants in 18-Step Ammunition Manufacturing Process

The customer has produced ammunition from their site in Germany for over 60 years. Recognised as a leader in the European defence industry, the company currently offers three primary product lines designed to meet the needs of police departments and military personnel.



To manufacture ammunition, the customer follows an 18-step process that draws brass cartridges using a variety of Fritz Werner machines. The equipment ranges in age, from brand-new models to others that are approximately 30 years old. Therefore, the number of steps in the production process and the differing needs of the machinery require numerous fluids that are specific for forming, lubrication and cooling operations. Utilising multiple fluids across the production line increases material costs and the amount of time for each phase of production.
Although speciality fluids were used when manufacturing, the brass workpieces often could not withstand the drawing process or caused stains to appear on the metal after tempering.

The customer switched to WEDOLiT FW 9200, a versatile, ester-based, water-miscible forming lubricant that can be universally applied throughout forming and drawing processes of brass and non-ferrous metals. FW 9200 can be applied at higher or lower concentrations, adapting to the severity of the forming process at hand.



FW 9200 features advanced wetting ability and stable load carrying capacity, allowing the customer to use one fluid across the entire 18-step production process. The superior forming lubricant better protected the brass workpieces during production and also eliminated staining after tempering.
Cutting the number of fluids needed for manufacturing to only one, significantly reduced both material costs and production times, as workers no longer needed to remove and apply multiple products.
The success of FW 9200 inspired the customer to try WEDOLiT CS 8376 on their other operations, with more trials to come.

The versatility of WEDOLiT FW 9200 allowed the customer to replace a full-range of specialised fluids from multiple manufacturers with one single solution

FW 9200 outperformed every specialty fluid previously used and eliminated workpiece staining

©2021  Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions®, TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions.  2021-2-19
WEDOLiT™ FW 9200 Replaces All
Driveshaft Manufacturer Drastically Reduces Costs and Filter Bag Use with Master Fluid Solutions 

Driveshaft Manufacturer Drastically Reduces Costs and Filter Bag Use with Master Fluid Solutions

A quality automotive part, particularly something like a driveshaft, helps ensure that drivers return home safely. In auto repair, both original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket parts are used, and these parts need to meet certain specifications regardless of the price paid by the consumer.
A driveshaft manufacturer, who manufactures both OEM and aftermarket driveline components, needs their parts to perform well in commercial and off-road vehicles, as well as in industrial applications.
From their manufacturing headquarters in the Midwest, they conduct turning and milling operations on steel, aluminium and carbon fibre. The company operates over 50 metalworking machines to manufacture driveshafts, driveline components and universal joints for OEM automotive, agriculture and off-road vehicles.



The driveshaft manufacturer was currently using a coolant which had poor sump life and was causing rusting and residue issues. The rusting, in particular, was a big concern for the company, as was the heavy, green residue buildup on tool holders, doors and walls. They decided to search for a new coolant, hoping to resolve these issues.

TRIM® MicroSol® 585XT was chosen to replace two different coolants that they were using. This is a high-lubricity, semisynthetic, microemulsion coolant that is ideal for a variety of materials, including all the materials commonly used in the manufacturing of driveline components that the manufacturer works with on a daily basis. Additionally, MicroSol 585XT helps inhibit corrosion and keeps the machines clean, leaving only a soft film that can be easily removed during routine cleaning and maintenance.


After switching to MicroSol 585XT in February 2020, the manufacturer immediately noticed a significant reduction in the filter bags they used – down to two per month, from 19 with the previous coolants. Additionally, there was no more heavy, green residue on the machinery or rusting issues.
Due to the success of switching to MicroSol 585XT, the driveshaft manufacturer is planning to test additional products from Master Fluid Solutions. Additionally, the success is proving to be a driving force for many other improvement projects across their metalworking shop floor.


90% reduction in filter bags used

50+ machines in operation

5,000-gallon central system

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90% Filter Bag Reduction
WEDOLiT™ AN 7321 Eliminated Need for VCI Packaging 
WEDOLiT™ AN 7321 Eliminated Need for VCI Packaging

The customer is an international parts manufacturer serving automakers and their suppliers worldwide. The company operates multiple production lines that process an extensive array of materials, ranging from unalloyed and low-alloyed to high-alloyed steels.



The customer’s products are shipped overseas to environments that include extreme high and low temperatures — and these conditions make them vulnerable to corrosion. Despite using high-quality protective volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) packaging, products still suffered from high damage rates due to corrosion.
The items that arrived undamaged would frequently corrode during interim storage, especially in facilities with unheated hallways. The previous anti-corrosion solution left materials prone to under-rusting, creating smoke when applied on parts still warm from the production line.
Additionally, due to the variety of metals and alloys the customer worked with, it was a challenge to find a corrosion protection formula that could be universally applied.

The customer began a trial of WEDOLiT™ AN 7321 anti-corrosion oil. It works by forming a non-hazardous and non-toxic oil film on the metal surface to provide protection against weather, moisture and extreme temperatures.
Additionally, the flashpoint of AN 7321 is higher than 195°C, making it adept at preventing corrosion in the most extreme temperatures and offers several months of protection for indoor storage.


After converting to WEDOLiT AN 7321, complaints from overseas customers dropped to less than 10 percent, a significant decrease from the high damage rate and dissatisfaction from the previous competitor product used.
Plus, AN 7321 created significantly less smoke than the customer’s previous product when applied to warm workpieces, allowing employees to maintain productivity without affecting air quality inside the workshop.
WEDOLiT AN 7321 offers strong enough protection that VCI components are no longer needed. The non-hazardous formula is more beneficial for workers as well.
Since the trial, nearly every production line has switched to WEDOLiT.


Lowered customer complaint rate to under 10%

100% reduction in the necessity of VCI packaging

Significantly reduced smoke produced in workshop

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VCI Packaging Not Needed
Global Automotive Parts Manufacturer Eliminates Corrosion With WEDOLiT™ AN 7210 
Global Automotive Parts Manufacturer Eliminates Corrosion With WEDOLiT™ AN 7210

As a global automotive parts manufacturer, the customer’s production line processes metals and alloys — including numerous steel grades — for automakers and their suppliers around the world.



The customer’s products need to be treated with anti-corrosion solutions to prevent degradation during shipping, especially when sent overseas with long transit times. Due to the various metal and alloy types that the customer works with, solutions are limited to those designed to be compatible with a wide array of workpieces. Also, as the customer ships worldwide, products require protection to sustain extreme temperature ranges.
The customer’s previous anti-corrosion product frequently failed, resulting in a high damage rate. Corrosion was found to occur during international transport and interim storage at recipients’ facilities, especially within unheated hallways.
The customer’s previous corrosion preventative also contained a high concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) hindering their sustainability and eco-friendly efforts as a business.

The customer began a trial of WEDOLiT™ AN 7210, a high technology corrosion inhibitor that works well with steel and other metals and alloys. AN 7210 offers long-term protection for indoor storage and the low viscosity makes it suitable for use in sprayers or as an immersion bath (for hollow parts). It’s specially formulated to prevent corrosion during overseas transport and is free of VOCs, allowing customers to minimise their environmental footprint.



The customer experienced immediate cost savings when switching to WEDOLiT AN 7210. The high-quality product required less solution than the customer’s previous anti-corrosion product, translating into a 10 percent reduction in overall consumption.
Productivity was also increased because the corrosion preventative no longer had to be applied manually. The lower viscosity formulation allowed the product to be sprayed, making for a more efficient application. What’s more, the elimination of VOCs allowed the company to better align with its environmental protection commitment.
Finally, customer complaints were noticeably reduced to less than 2 percent as shipments no longer arrived damaged and the low-odour formula became less of a nuisance.

10% reduction in overall consumption and future order quantities

Significantly reduced production time through the automation of the application process

Customer complaint volume was reduced to less than 2%

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WEDOLiT AN 7210 Eliminates Corrosion
Steel Plant Celebrates 20 Years Without Product Corrosion Due to WEDOLiT AS 2603 
Steel Plant Celebrates 20 Years Without Product Corrosion Due to WEDOLiT AS 2603

The customer is a globally recognised mechanical engineering plant specialising in the manufacturing of large steel parts for industrial concrete products. The company serves markets in all climates across the world, including the United States, Canada, Vietnam, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.



The plant ships and stores large steel workpieces (ranging in size from 10-15m.) overseas through incredibly diverse climates and environments, with temperatures ranging from as low as -30°C to as high as 40°C and above.
Workpieces must be treated with an anti-corrosion solution to prevent degradation while transported and stored in extreme temperatures. The customer’s previous solution was unsuccessful, resulting in high damage rates during shipping and issues with pitting corrosion from long-term storage. 

In 1999, the customer switched to using WEDOLiT AS 2603, a solvent-containing, high-protection wax-dispersion fluid ideal for providing corrosion protection for steel parts during overseas transport. After forming a protective film on the metal surface, the anti-corrosion agent protects against atmospheric contaminants such as dissolved gases. 
AS 2603 was formulated with an innovative thixotropic solution designed to provide protection for extended periods without risking corrosion from high or low temperatures. As a universal solution, it was also compatible with the customer’s existing spraying units.


Since switching to WEDOLiT AS 2603 more than two decades ago, the customer has been able to transport large workpieces to every continent and type of climate in the world without corrosion issues. The solution also prevented corrosion on parts stored in suboptimal conditions for extended periods. 
In the two decades since converting to WEDOLiT AS 2603, the customer has tested 42 competitor products but still hasn’t found anything better than or even comparable to this Master Fluid Solutions’ product. 
Preventing corrosion has allowed the customer to drastically increase profits by mitigating costly workpiece damage, replacement and reshipping. As the customer launches new production lines, estimates indicate that current revenues will increase by 100 percent. 


20+ years of overseas shipping and storage in extreme temperatures with no corrosion

AS 2603 proved to perform better than 42 competitor products

Estimated 100% increase in revenues due to cost-savings from well-protected parts

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20 Years, No Corrosion
Lakshmi Machine Works Slashes Coolant Spend by 32% with Master Fluid Solutions 

Lakshmi Machine Works Slashes Coolant Spend by 32% with Master Fluid Solutions

The textiles and apparel industry is the second-largest employer in India, with 45 million workers. It comprises 13% of the country’s export earnings, with anticipated 28% annual growth through 2021. As a critical component of the Indian economy, textile manufacturers need to know their machines are reliable.
Lakshmi Machine Works Limited (LMW) produces the machines that power this economic sector. It’s the largest manufacturer of textile machines, and it works primarily with steels and grey irons. The company provides the latest spinning technology to Indian textile mills, and it also produces CNC machine tools.



Grey iron poses challenges to metalworking shops due to its propensity to rust. It also causes some coolant emulsions to fail quickly, change colours, leave heavy residue on machines and develop rancid odours.
In particular, if LMW let a machine sit idle for a few days, the odour from its incumbent coolant would be overpowering upon start-up. The coolant formed residue buildup on sensors, which caused the machine to malfunction and necessitated unplanned maintenance. The poor coolant performance not only required cleaning out sumps every six months, but would also create rust issues on parts, requiring downtime and extra steps to create usable parts.

LMW chose Master Fluid Solutions’ TRIM™ SC9030SGM, a high-oil semisynthetic coolant designed to inhibit corrosion on ferrous and nonferrous metals. This fluid can resist the “smutting” that results from machining cast irons and reduce residue formation. Additionally, TRIM SC9030SGM helps keep machines clean and eliminates rancid odours.



After the switch to TRIM SC9030SGM, sump life increased by 50%, from six months to 9 months. The new coolant eliminated rust issues and drastically reduced smutting, resulting in cleaner machines. LMW was able to reduce the amount of concentration used, resulting in a 32.2% cost savings for coolant. And because it didn’t need to clean machines and change over the coolant as often, LMW decreased its downtime by 30%.
In addition, LMW created better working conditions for the operators by eradicating rancid odours. Fewer parts need to be rejected due to rust, and sensor failures due to residue buildup are no longer an issue.

50% increase in sump life

32.2% decrease in coolant spend

30% reduction in downtime

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Reduced Coolant Spend by 32%
Steel Tube Manufacturer Halves Dewatering Process Time with WEDOLiT AS 1012 Steel Tube Manufacturer Halves Dewatering
Process Time with WEDOLiT AS 1012
A global steel tube manufacturer that has seven plants across Europe and America, has been operating for
over a century producing tailor-made tube products for the energy and automotive sectors. The seamless
and welded tubes they manufacture need short-term corrosion protection to ensure that no corrosion
occurs during the entire process chain.
In the past, the tube manufacturer has changed
the dewatering fluid it used multiple times due to
problems with the performance. It also required a
premium quality fluid that could cope with the highvolume
throughput in its 706-cubic foot immersion
The manufacturer wasn’t fully convinced — even after
their laboratory tests showed outstanding product
performance from the WEDOLiT range — as they
didn’t believe that any technology could be better
than the one they were currently using.
As a result, the manufacturer trialled WEDOLiT AS
1012, a leading-edge dewatering fluid which uses
surface-active substances to displace both water and
emulsions from the metal surface extremely quickly
and has corrosion protection properties.
After evaporation of the solvent, a thin non-adhesive
protective film remains on the surface, which offers
corrosion protection for short-term to intermediate
storage. Any water or emulsions that enter the bath
settle on the bottom of the tank after a short period of
time, and can then be drained off.
Using WEDOLiT AS 1012, the dewatering time
significantly reduced from less than 10 seconds to
less than 5 seconds. As a bonus, the length of the
short-term indoor storage corrosion protection also
drastically improved from a few days to more than
three weeks.
The manufacturer was so impressed with the results
that it has started running trials of other products
from the WEDOLiT range throughout the plant.
For this steel tube manufacturer, opening the door
to Master Fluid Solutions and their technologically
advanced WEDOLiT products has proved beneficial.
• Reduced dewatering time by 50%
• Increased corrosion protection from a few
days to more than 3 weeks
• Doubled possible throughput of immersion
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Reduced dewatering time by 50%
RBC de Mexico Vastly Improves Processes and Cuts Costs with Master Fluid Solutions RBC de Mexico Vastly Improves Processes
and Cuts Costs with Master Fluid Solutions
RBC de Mexico, RBC Bearings’ Reynosa plant, primarily machines steel and stainless steel for aerospace, automotive
and industrial customers. The location also handles some aluminium and harder to machine metals, and works on
thousands of different parts and models. RBC de Mexico is a major turning facility owned by RBC Bearings and
operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for 340 days out of the year, requiring long-lasting, durable coolant.
As is the case with a lot of metalworking shops, RBC de
Mexico wanted to extend sump life, cut coolant costs
and properly maintain its coolant. Several years ago, the
company struggled with dirty sumps, rust issues and rancid
coolant odours. The sump was full of bacteria and a health
risk to workers. RBC de Mexico wanted a better-quality
coolant at a reasonable price, as its incumbent provider was
overpriced and not effective.
However, the engineering team met with some resistance
internally when wanting to bring in new suppliers to test
different fluids. Some were sceptical that a new coolant
could make a difference, and the engineering team had their
work cut out, not only to prove that there would be ROI from
switching to a new coolant, but also that a new supplier
could help improve RBC de Mexico’s processes.
RBC de Mexico began an active search for a new coolant.
Ultimately, the plant brought in Master Fluid Solutions and
TRIM® MicroSol® 585XT was chosen for its machining
operations. Master Fluid Solutions also provided actionable
recommendations on how to improve conditions on the
floor, like installing skimmers on each machine to remove
tramp oil, using water filters and mist extractors. Master
Fluid Solutions impressed the team at RBC de Mexico with
its deep knowledge of metalworking, and was one of the
few suppliers willing to travel to Reynosa to tour the plant,
demonstrating the company’s commitment to supporting
RBC de Mexico during and after the transition.
After almost two years of using TRIM® MicroSol® 585XT,
RBC de Mexico has achieved approximately £122,670/
€138,672 in overall savings, including what it has saved in
coolant costs due to the fluid lasting longer in the sump.
However, the real value has come in the form of process
improvements that have led to a much cleaner facility.
The sumps are cleaner than ever before, meaning less
bacteria and less health risks for the workers. Installing the
skimmers has reduced the amount of tramp oil in the sumps,
drastically reducing the smoke that would accumulate over
the machines and increasing the life of the sumps — and
mist extractors take care of the rest.
RBC de Mexico has had such good results partnering with
Master Fluid Solutions that it now plans to implement a
coolant recycling program to save even more money. For
the Reynosa plant, not only were they able to reduce costs
and improve their operations, but they also found a trusted
partner in Master Fluid Solutions to guide them through the
©2020 Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions®, TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2020-06-05
“The service and product knowledge from Master Fluid
Solutions is far superior than anything we had received
from any of the other companies we had talked to. Their
patience and determination helped everything fall into
-John Taylor, Engineering Supervisor
€138,672 Saved!
Wilson Tool Finds the Formula for Worker Health & Safety with Master Fluid Solutions Wilson Tool Finds the Formula for Worker
Health & Safety with Master Fluid Solutions
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Global custom tooling company Wilson Tool International provides a complete line of tooling products
for the additive, tableting, stamping, bending and punching industries. From the louvers on the back of a
microwave to the back panel of a computer server, if a company needs something to stamp out different
forms, Wilson Tool likely makes it.
Wilson Tool provides parts to a wide variety of industries,
from automotive to information technology. Parts have to
be delivered to specifications, with very low tolerance for
error. Nothing can be delivered with scratches or dents,
and fluids play a large role in ensuring that Wilson Tool’s
products meet its customers’ exacting standards.
To meet its different metalworking application needs,
Wilson Tool purchases three different fluids from
Master Fluid Solutions that can be adapted to different
applications. TRIM® OGR 263 is the straight oil solution
that Wilson Tool uses, along with TRIM® C270 for grinding
and TRIM® MicroSol® 690XT.
Additionally, worker health and safety can’t be overstated.
Employees spend a lot of time in contact with the
different fluids for milling, cutting and other metalworking
applications. Regardless of whether the fluid is oil-based,
water-based or pure oil, it needs to minimise dermatitis
Wilson Tool has dramatically reduced coolant waste and
dermatitis cases on its production floor. The company
uses 8,000-gallon tanks to run coolant through its three
systems and the coolant lasts at least seven years before
it needs to be cleaned out and recharged. The most
recent system Wilson Tool cleaned out had been running
smoothly for 17 years. Going so long between system
cleanouts means less waste is created, which equates to a
savings of roughly £28,140/ €32,353 every time it can be
With 400 people at its St. Paul, Minnesota facility, it’s very
rare that even a single case of dermatitis is reported. While
coolant cost and longevity is important, healthy employees
have a major effect on the bottom line, too.
“Master Fluid Solutions built a coolant that
we can recycle and send back through our
machines, and all improvements were made
by them. We’ve built a good relationship, and
they’re an important partner of ours.”
– Duane Berg, Maintenance and Facilities Manager
Coolant Waste Dramatically Reduced
Aerospace Components Supplier Resolves Contamination using Master Fluid Solutions Aerospace Components Supplier Resolves
Contamination using Master Fluid Solutions
©2020 Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions®, TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2020-04-16
As a leading supplier of aerospace components, contamination is a serious problem. One UK-based
supplier that performs milling, turning, drilling and tapping operations at its facility had to face such
an issue. This supplier machines aerospace-grade aluminium, with 19 machines in total consisting of
mills, machining centres and lathes. The aerospace industry requires a precision operation, while also
minimising downtime for the machines.
The aerospace components supplier encountered a problem controlling
bacterial contamination in its metalworking fluid. This meant it had to
conduct regular machine cleans of approximately two to three machines
per month. It took half a day to clean and refill the machines and the lost
machine time cost £65/ €71 per hour.
The existing metalworking fluid also periodically caused machining issues.
The machines would tap oversize holes, which meant those component parts
would have to be completely scrapped. Each scrapped component resulted
in a £2,000/ €2,182 loss.
Weary of losing more money
and productivity, the aerospace
components supplier agreed to a
six-week trial of TRIM® E715, run at
6% to 10% concentration. TRIM E715
is a universal soluble oil that requires
minimal maintenance and is suitable
for machining aluminium, steel and
nickel alloys, as well as cast iron and
yellow metals.
The trial of TRIM E715 resolved the bacterial
contamination issue completely, eliminating the need for
costly cleanouts, a saving of nearly £8,000/ €8,730 per
year. Resolving bacterial contamination also removed the
bad odours that operators frequently complained about.
All machines have since been switched over to TRIM
TRIM E715 also fixed the issue with oversized holes that
resulted in scrapped parts. The aerospace components
supplier has had no reports of issues since the
And, as a bonus, several operators who suffered from
dermatitis with the former metalworking fluid have had
their skin clear up since the switch to TRIM E715.
“During the six-week test run, we resolved the
bacterial contamination issue, leading to no
need for costly cleanouts since April 2019.”
-Machine Shop Manager
Saved Over £8,000
Aerospace Components Manufacturer Reduces Consumption with Master Fluid Solutions Aerospace Components Manufacturer Reduces
Consumption with Master Fluid Solutions
©2020 Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions®, TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2020-04-16
Even a company with decades in the industry will occasionally struggle with its cutting fluid
consumption. A large UK-based aerospace components manufacturer that performs milling, turning and
grinding operations experienced this firsthand. Their location houses over 100 machines that work with
a range of materials, including aluminium, steel, titanium and Inconel. Along with achieving performance
objectives, they also needed to meet local and internal health, safety and environmental standards.
Poor coolant stability resulted in a costly and time-consuming regime
of biocide additions to the majority of the machine sumps at their
manufacturing site. Without the biocide additions, the coolant would not
meet regulatory health, safety and environmental requirements or internal
health and safety standards. The components manufacturer set a coolant
life expectation of 18 months as part of the planned maintenance clean-out
process, but the biocide was necessary to reach that target.
Additionally, machine operators did not like the existing coolant; it emitted a
bad odour.
To deal with this challenge, the
components manufacturer actively
sought out a product to test in its
machines to eliminate the need
for additives and improve operator
acceptance. That product was TRIM®
MicroSol® 590XT, an environmentallyfriendly,
semisynthetic, microemulsion
metalworking fluid.
A six-month test run of TRIM MicroSol 590XT proved that
no biocide additions were needed to meet the company’s
coolant life expectancy standards. Additionally, using
TRIM MicroSol 590XT reduced consumption. The top-up
strength for its former coolant was 2% and with TRIM
MicroSol 590XT, it was lowered to 1%.
Machine operators also accepted the new coolant
enthusiastically. They began asking for TRIM MicroSol
590XT to be put in all of their machines.
The company is currently in a planned conversion
process with the possibility of the remaining machines
moving to TRIM MicroSol 590XT. They’re also looking at
opportunities to supply TRIM products to the remaining
companies under their company umbrella.
• Top-up strength halved from 2% to 1%
• Biocide additions no longer needed
• Machine operators requested TRIM MicroSol
590XT in all their machines
Reduced Consumption!
High-Precision, Tier 1 Aerospace Parts Manufacturer Increases Tool Life 234% with Master Fluid Solutions High-Precision, Tier 1 Aerospace Parts
Manufacturer Increases Tool Life 234%
with Master Fluid Solutions
A European manufacturer specialising in high-precision parts for the aerospace industry is a top-ranking
supplier to major companies, including Airbus. It operates eight different sites across the continent and
is dedicated to providing reliable, on-schedule production and innovative parts, as well as meeting the
comprehensive requirements of its customers.
Like all metalworking shops, aerospace part
manufacturers are constantly striving to produce quality
parts in an increasingly competitive environment.
Lowering production costs through reduced usage of
consumable items, such as cutting tools or increasing
productivity through reduced part production cycle time,
are well known methods.
Master Fluid Solutions recommended that the aerospace
parts manufacturer run a trial of HyperSol 888NXT in
parallel with their incumbent metalworking fluid product.
HyperSol 888NXT is an innovative, water-soluble
metalworking fluid that Master Fluid Solutions specifically
designed for the aerospace industry, particularly for
working with harder alloys such as titanium, Inconel and
steel alloys. HyperSol 888XT was installed into two CNC
lathes machining 35NCD16 steel alloy.
For four months, the aerospace parts manufacturer
used HyperSol 888NXT for its steel alloy machining and
turning applications in two machines. It proved to be a
huge success; tool life increased 234%, while running
at a higher speed and much lower top up concentration.
HyperSol 888NXT also produced no foam or odour, an
added bonus for employees.
Based on the company using HyperSol 888NXT in just
these two machines for a one year period, it would be
able to decrease spending on metalworking fluid by 7.6%.
Due to increased tool life and productivity gains, it would
save an additional 20.2% or €64,697/ £56,807 in costs.
For the high-precision aerospace parts manufacturer,
using HyperSol 888NXT proved to be the solution it
needed to increase tool life.
©2020 Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions®, TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2020-04-16
• 234% increase in tool life
• 7.6% reduction in fluid spending over one
• 20.2% or €64,697/ £56,807 yearly savings in
overall costs for just two machines
Tool Life up 234%
Nuclear Components Manufacturer Reduces Consumption by 30% with Master Fluid Solutions Nuclear Components Manufacturer Reduces
Consumption by 30% with Master Fluid Solutions
©2020 Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions®, TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2020-04-16
A nuclear components manufacturer produces a wide range of products, including microelectronic
hardware, radiation monitoring systems and integrated instrumentation diagnostic systems. The
production facilities include everything needed for the full production cycle, from machine processing
and printed circuit board production to surface mounting, assembling, welding and testing. Its primary
metalworking applications are milling, drilling and turning of aluminium alloys and heat-resistant steel
alloys, across approximately 100 CNC machines.
The advanced nature of the nuclear components from
the manufacturer’s metalworking applications means
tight tolerance specifications. However, its existing
coolant exhibited poor washing properties, which
led to flaws in the finished product. The product also
experienced short sump life and high fluid consumption,
which slowed down production.
The nuclear components manufacturer agreed to
a trial of TRIM® MicroSol® 515 for its metalworking
applications. This coolant is a medium to high
lubrication, semi-synthetic microemulsion coolant. TRIM
MicroSol 515 is ideal for working with mixed metals
and aluminium alloys and its translucent emulsion
characteristics reduce carry-off to lower costs.
The trial period of TRIM MicroSol 515 has been running
for two years. In that time, the nuclear components
manufacturer has doubled its sump life. Additionally,
metalworking fluid consumption has been reduced by
approximately 30% and the cost savings overall total
Buoyed by the success of this trial, the nuclear
components manufacturer plans to convert all its
machines to TRIM MicroSol 515.
The high quality of TRIM MicroSol 515, combined with
Master Fluid Solutions’ reputation and commitment to
its customers, has encouraged the company to expand
its product usage. Tests of a neat grinding oil and
ultrasonic cleaning fluid are underway.
• Doubled sump life
• 30% reduction in fluid consumption
• 15% overall cost savings
15% Cost Reduction
Automotive and Aerospace Components Manufacturer Increases Tool Life by 22% with Master Fluid Solutions Automotive and Aerospace Components
Manufacturer Increases Tool Life by 22% with
Master Fluid Solutions
The UK arm of a global manufacturing company specialises in the manufacture of impellers for automotive
turbochargers and aerospace turbojet engines. Fully automated 5-axis machining of the titanium, Inconel and
forged aluminium impellers requires high precision and very predictable tool wear. The manufacturer runs 32
machines on site, both roughing and finishing the impellers.
Tool costs are a significant contributor to the overall
component cost, especially for titanium and Inconel
impellers. Tool life savings are vitally important to improve
the competitiveness of the manufacturer versus its rivals.
The manufacturer wanted to test a new coolant with the
aim of increasing tool life without decreasing machine
After meeting with representatives from Master Fluid
Solutions, the components manufacturer agreed to a trial
of HyperSol 888NXT. This new class of synthetic watersoluble
metalworking fluid was specifically designed
for machining the harder metal alloys typically used
in aerospace applications. As such, it was the obvious
choice for this manufacturer’s challenging requirements.
The trial of HyperSol 888NXT lasted four months in the
titanium impeller end milling application and one month in
the slot cutting application of forged aluminium PS3955.
By all accounts, the trial was a resounding success for the
components manufacturer. HyperSol 888NXT increased
tool life by 22% on the titanium milling application versus
a well-known, very high performance aerospace emulsion
product. Feedback from machine operators indicated that
it was also a much better product to work with due to its
superior cleanliness, lack of odour and significantly lower
Additionally, the components manufacturer achieved
£5,040/ €5,500 annual savings per machine. The
projected annual tool life savings will be £80,640/
€88,100, and annual coolant concentrate consumption
savings are expected to be £15,000/ €16,367.
For the components manufacturer, using HyperSol
888NXT not only greatly extends tool life but also
further reduces overall costs by keeping machines and
components cleaner, and by reducing coolant concentrate
consumption by 50%.
©2020 Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions®, TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2020-04-16
• 22% increase in tool life
• £5,040/ €5,500 annual savings per
• Annual tool life savings will be £80,640/
• Annual coolant concentrate consumption
savings of £15,000/ €16,367
Tool Life Up 22%
Aircraft Components Manufacturer Reduces Coolant Usage by 50% with Master Fluid Solutions Aircraft Components Manufacturer Reduces
Coolant Usage by 50% with Master Fluid Solutions
A U.S.-based aircraft components manufacturer that produces fuselages, pylons, nacelles and wing elements for
commercial and defense aircraft needed to find ways to improve productivity in their plants and decrease costs.
They operate multiple facilities globally and provide critical parts to several well-known aircraft manufacturers.
The manufacturer’s existing coolant was
going rancid in a very short period of time.
Every two to three months, the coolant had
to be completely dumped and replaced. As a
result, each CNC machine required a twohour
shutdown for cleaning and recharging to
prevent clogged filters, foul odours, mist and
steam and tool life failure. With their existing
coolant lifespan averaging three months, even
a minimal improvement of coolant life could
provide significant productivity gains and
costs savings.
The manufacturer decided it was time to
investigate new suppliers. It brought in several
companies, including Master Fluid Solutions,
to run a seven-month trial of different
products, including TRIM® MicroSol® 590XT.
This semisynthetic microemulsion coolant
is formulated specifically for aerospace
applications and uses the latest technology to
provide long life and protect sensitive alloys.
Because of these unique properties, MicroSol
590XT was able to improve sump life and last
longer in the manufacturer’s machines.
In addition, MicroSol 590XT’s existing
approvals from Airbus, Boeing and other
aerospace manufacturers made it stand out
even more among the competition.
Due to the strong positive results from the
trials, Master Fluid Solutions was chosen as
the manufacturer’s supplier.
During the initial seven-month trial period, the manufacturer did
not have to swap out MicroSol 590XT from any of the test CNC
machines. In fact, once all 340 machines were charged with
MicroSol 590XT, they were able to use the coolant for 12 to 13
months without having to clean out the sump, saving an impressive
£403,264/ €456,103 in coolant costs annually.
On top of the financial savings from not having to purchase and
replace coolant as often, the manufacturer also achieved additional
savings through increased productivity. Before, each machine had
to be taken offline to dump, clean and recharge with coolant every
quarter, taking two hours per machine and causing a loss of 2,720
production hours each year. Using an industry standard burden
rate of £82/ €92 per hour, with MicroSol 590XT, the manufacturer
is now saving an additional £221,091/ €251,944 per year. Each
machine cleanout also required at least one maintenance employee
for two hours at a labor rate of £33/ €37 per hour. By reducing
the need for frequent coolant changes, they yielded an additional
£87,786/ €100,038 in savings from labor costs.
For the aircraft components manufacturer, not only did they cut
their coolant usage in half, they improved productivity by increasing
machine utilization, resulting in substantial cost savings.
• 50% reduction in coolant usage
• £403,264/ €456,103 saved in coolant costs annually
• Coolant life of 12 to 13 months
• £221,091/ €251,944 annual cost savings from increased
machine utilization
• £87,786/ €100,038 in reduced labor costs annually
• £712,141/ €808,085 total annual savings
©2020 Master Fluid Solutions. Master Fluid Solutions®, TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2020-04-16
50% Coolant Reduction
TRIM<sup>®</sup> MicroSol<sup>®</sup> 590XT Eliminated Production Problems and Increased Profits! TRIM® MicroSol® 590XT eliminated
production problems and increased profits!
©2019 Master Fluid Solutions. TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation
d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions; Master Fluid Solutions™ is a trademark of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a
Master Fluid Solutions. 2019-02-12
A UK manufacturer of
aerospace components had
seemingly insurmountable
problems using Houghton
Aquacare AL– then TRIM
MicroSol 590XT saved the day!
The Houghton Aquacare AL coolant
caused sticky residue buildup in
machines and produced parts so sticky
it added process time to get them clean.
Extremely high levels of bacteria and
fungus caused a horrid foul odour,
employee breathing problems, and
health and safety issues. Measuring
probes distorted by coolant fungal
growth caused inaccurate tooling
measurements, and off-spec parts.
They needed a change!
Master Fluid Solutions recommended
TRIM MicroSol 590XT. The new charge
of high-performance MicroSol 590XT
eliminated all problems with foul odour,
fungus, and unreliable laser probe
readings and subsequent defective parts.
Annual coolant consumption was
reduced by 32,000lts!
Long-lasting MicroSol 590XT dropped
coolant spend by £10,000 annually
and massively reduced machine and
component cleaning costs.
Using MicroSol 590XT, they were able to
implement a fluid recycling program to reuse
an average of 5,000lts per week. Previously
paying £150 per 5,000lts to dispose of
waste coolant, the customer saved £7,800
annually. Better for their green credentials
and the planet.
Additional savings overall due to
> increased component surface quality
> cleaner components
> longer sump and tool life
> considerably lower machine maintenance
> less machine downtime
has this customer realising huge savings
with MicroSol 590XT.
£150 weekly savings by recycling
£270,000 annual spend
£260,000 annual spend
£150 weekly disposal costs
Production Problems Eliminated
Coolant Costs Reduced 40% While Profits Soar with TRIM<sup>®</sup> E950! With TRIM® E950 High Performance
Machining Emulsion, a large manufacturer
of aerospace, offshore, and energy industry
precision parts is saving more than 40% a
year on coolant costs!
Operating more than 40 CNC machines turning,
machining, drilling, surface and cylindrical
grinding tough-to-machine aluminium, titanium,
Inconel, steels, and stainless, their high-volume
operation produces precision parts day-in, day-out.
They were using Blaser Vasco 7000 with good
results, but were looking to reduce coolant costs
without sacrificing quality. After detailed analysis
of their production, Master Fluid Solutions
recommended testing high-performance
TRIM® E950 against the Blaser Vasco 7000.
They ran head-to-head tests of both products in
several types of machines, varying operations and
metals, and using the same feeds and speeds to
compare identical conditions.
The results proved in all applications that the TRIM
E950 outperformed or equaled the Blaser Vasco 7000
> longer tool life
> pristine surface finish
> an astonishing 40% reduction in coolant cost!
Results far exceeded the minimum 10% cost
reduction Master Fluid Solutions had assured the
manufacturer. Impressed with the clean-running,
excellent performance of E950, the facility
converted all their machines to TRIM E950.
After 12 months, the properly monitored and
maintained E950 is still going strong. Saving more
than 40% on coolant costs to produce the same
high-quality precision parts, E950 has exceeded
all expectations!
Coolant Costs Reduced 40%
While Profits Soar with TRIM® E950!
©2018 Master Fluid Solutions. TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical
Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions; Master Fluid Solutions™ and Cutting Edge Metalworking Solutions™
are trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2018-09-05
Coolant Costs Reduced 40%

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