TRIM. Metalworking Fluids. For more than 60 years TRIM® metalworking fluids has lead the industry for all types of cutting and grinding operations. Known worldwide for superior performance, TRIM meets the demands of specialized industries such as automotive, aerospace, and medical parts manufacturers.
  For the full range of cutting and grinding applications for synthetics, semisynthetics, and soluble oils, TRIM delivers longer tool and sump life, better finished parts, and a better bottom line.
MicroSol. MicroSol® Products. For ultimate performance:

TRIM® MicroSol® semisynthetic microemulsion coolants deliver high-performance lubricity and ultimately lowers costs. Achieve precision parts, exceptional tool life, extended sump life, assured regulatory compliance, and greater profitability with the MicroSol product just right for your production.

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the aerospace, medical, automotive, and high production, precision parts manufacturing industries, there's a MicroSol to answer your concerns, ramp up your production, and boost your bottom line.
Soluble Oils. Soluble Oil Cutting & Grinding Fluids. Geared up for production:

With superior mechanical lubricity and a higher oil content, TRIM® emulsions provide a greater boundary layer between the tool and the material. Emulsions are ideal for lower, less than 600 SFPM, applications such as broaching, reaming, deep hole drilling, drilling, tapping and centerless grinding. 

Emulsions work well for machining copper, yellow metals, steel alloys, cast aluminiums, wrought aluminiums and tough-to-machine titanium and nickel-based alloys.

Gear up with the TRIM emulsion designed to meet your production needs.
Soluble Oils
Semisynthetics. Semisynthetics Cutting & Grinding Fluids. Cutting edge solutions:

TRIM® semisynthetics offer the cooling and lubricity of a synthetic without the higher oil content of an emulsion. Designed to operate at higher SFPM, semisynthetics perform well on many operations including face milling, cut-off turning, grinding, tapping, and drilling — depending on the specific product.

Semisynthetics are compatible with alloy steels, tool steels, cast irons, copper alloys, as well as plastics and composites. With less carryoff, semisynthetics use less material — it all adds up to lower costs.
Synthetics. Synthetics Cutting & Grinding Fluids. Peak your performance:

TRIM® clean-running synthetics contain little-to-no oil. They are hard-water tolerant with good corrosion protection. Plus, synthetics leave very low residue for easy cleaning. Paired with extremely low carryoff, synthetics translate to less maintenance and lower operational costs, saving you time and money.

Run clean and long with TRIM synthetics.
Neat Oils. Neat Oil Cutting & Grinding Fluids. Neatly to the point-of-cut:

TRIM® neat oils, used "neat" without dilution of water, provide maximum lubricity. Typically used for operations such as sliding head machines, honing, grinding very difficult-to-machine materials, and gun drilling.

Depending on the specific product, some TRIM neat oils are a high-end blend of various base oils; while others contain extreme-pressure additives to control built-up edge and prolong tool life.

Get neatly to the cut with TRIM neat oils.
Neat Oils
High Performance Neat Oils. High Performance, Highest Purity Neat Oils. Tough water white grinding oils:

Use TRIM® high purity, high performance neat oils for tough carbide and HSS tool grinding.

Utilising either highly refined hydrocracked base oils, fully saturated esters or a combination of the two ensures very low levels of mist, foam and consumption rates while delivering safe, high flash points. TRIM high performance neat oils provide excellent wheel flushing properties, good friction reduction qualities and workpiece cooling.

High purity delivers tough grinding performance.
High Performance Neat Oils
Tapping. Tapping Compounds. Added machinability:

With strong friction-reducing properties, TRIM® TAP synthetic and synthetic blend straight oils are made for metals of low machinability. For added lubricity on extremely tough jobs, TAP oils ensure longer tool life, excellent surface finish, and parts size control.

All TAP products are compatible with all TRIM coolants.

Don't get tapped out — put TRIM TAP fluids to work for you.
Speciality. Speciality Fluids. Specially suited to your operation:

TRIM® specialty fluids are specifically tailored to unique needs, such as very high-pressure or high-volume applications, or to address specific code or approval requirements.

Whatever your problems or special needs, there is always a TRIM solution.
Additives. Cutting & Grinding Fluid Additives. The troubleshooters:

As cutting and grinding fluids can start to break down over time, tank-side additives can solve a number of problems. There are TRIM® tank-side additives compatible with most coolants to extend tap and tool life, improve mechanical lubricity, control built-up edge, prevent stained parts, control foam, stabilise the emulsion, and replenish dye.

Whatever your problems and concerns, ask your TRIM specialist if a tank-side additive could be the answer.
Master STAGES. Cleaning & RP Fluids. As effective cleaning and metal protection is essential to attaining precision parts and exceptional surface finish, Master STAGES' products include a full line of parts cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, and maintenance cleaners. Designed for aerospace, medical, automotive, energy exploration, heavy equipment, and general manufacturing production, these products meet stringent requirements to keep customers environmentally compliant, running at peak performance, and more profitable.
Have health and safety issues? Problems with foam? Rust? Coolant or oily residue on parts? High disposal costs?
Whether you are a mega-manufacturer or job shop, whatever your production problems and concerns, we have a performance-proven product specifically designed to meet your needs and make the real difference. It's the Master STAGES difference — the right solution for the job at the right price.
Cleaners. Cleaners & Washing Compounds. For single to multi-stage spray, high-pressure, immersion, and ultrasonics washers, Master STAGES™ highly-concentrated cleaners and aqueous-based washing compounds offer long sump life and tramp oil rejection, low foam, low mist, low carryoff, and biostability — many with no EP additives or SARA 313 reportable ingredients. Looking for onestep corrosion protection? Have problems with hard water? Or foam? Looking for cleaner parts at lower cost?
Cleaning residues from coolant and light oil? Or removing more stubborn grease, heavy oil, drawing compounds,
lubricants, waxy soil, oxidation, or rust? For metals ranging aluminum, steels, cast iron, stainless steels, alloys, brass, bronze, copper, to magnesium, there is a Master STAGES cleaner targeted to do the job.
Master STAGES line of synthetic and semisynthetic in-process sump and central system cleaners dramatically extend coolant life and remarkably reduce downtime.
And our hard-working maintenance cleaners get the grit and grime from machines, work surfaces, ceramics, plastics, glass, and floors — without harmful, corrosive, chemical compounds. Get it really clean with Master STAGES!
Spray. Spray Alkaline In-process Cleaners. By flooding parts with the chemical cleaner, spray cleaning offers a fast, effective way to remove soil, coolant, and oil residue from a variety of metals, and Master STAGES spray cleaners are specially tailored to do the job quickly, effectively, with less makeup, and no staining of parts. Master STAGES in-process spray cleaners are tough and fast-acting with very low V.O.C. and no SARA 313 reportable ingredients.
There's a Master STAGES spray cleaner specifically designed for cleaning residues ranging from coolant, light to heavy oil, grease, drawing compounds, lubricants, waxy soil, oxidation, or rust from metals ranging from aluminum, steels, cast iron, stainless steels, alloys, brass, bronze, copper, to magnesium.
Offering increased life, good tramp oil rejection, low odor, low foam, and low mist, and additional corrosion protection, highly-concentrated Master STAGES spray cleaners produce clean parts while reducing overall costs.
Immersion. Immersion Alkaline In-process Cleaners. Immersion washers effectively remove residue from light to heavy soils, light rust, coolant, oil, drawing compounds, lubricants, waxy soil, and corrosion inhibitors. Designed for cleaning aluminum, steels, cast iron, stainless steels, alloys, brass, bronze, copper, and magnesium and for multiple-metal situations, Master STAGES highly-concentrated cleaners allow immersion washers to run at lower concentrations and lower temperatures with increased bath life, less foam, and added corrosion protection.
Environmentally friendly, and free of SARA 313 reportable ingredients, cost-effective Master STAGES immersion cleaners ensure exceptional parts cleaning while using less product and less energy — for a better bottom line.
Ultrasonics. Ultrasonic Alkaline In-process Cleaners. Ultrasonic parts washers — widely used in the medical, aerospace, automotive, mining, energy, and precision parts
industries — offer results often far beyond that of traditional cleaning methods. Master STAGES specifically developed ultrasonic in-process cleaners are highly effective in removing dirt, oils, rust, bacteria, grease, drawing compounds, waxy soil and other contaminants from a wide variety of metals.
Whether cleaning aluminum, steels, cast iron, stainless steels, alloys, brass, bronze, copper, or magnesium, Master STAGES has the ultrasonic in-process alkaline product to get it really clean.
Offering exceptional wetting ability, reduced cycle times, longer bath life, and faster, safer precision parts cleaning, yet are environmentally friendly, Master STAGES ultrasonic cleaners are the cost-effective solution to achieving a matchless surface finish.
Maintenance. Maintenance Cleaners. Whether cleaning true grit or light soil from machines, work surfaces, glass, or floors, there's a highly-concentrated, cost-effective Master STAGES cleaner to get the job done and save hours of maintenance. So, don't just get it clean — get it Master STAGES clean!
Master STAGES highly concentrated Whamex™ sump and central system cleaners for interim and full cleanouts extend sump life, are very cost effective, and greatly reduce downtime.
All Master STAGES environmentally-friendly products are safe for human contact and free of harmful, corrosive chemicals.
Corrosion Inhibitors. Corrosion Inhibitors. Nothing is more counterproductive to superior surface finish than corrosion. Highly-effective Master STAGES corrosion inhibitors provide excellent protection on metals ranging from cast iron, steels, and other ferrous metals, aluminum and copper alloys, brass, and bronze with protection ranging from several days to a full 12 months and longer. Whether needing indoor corrosion protection during interim steps of the machining process, long-term outdoor protection, or for shipping parts overseas, there is a Master STAGES product to give you the assurance you need.
Master STAGES rust preventatives (RPs) can be applied by dip, flood coating, ambient-temperature or heated spraying, roller, or brush, are easily removed — and most are barium-free with low V.O.C. content. Get cost-effective protection you can rely on with Master STAGES RPs.
Corrosion Inhibitors
Synthetics. Synthetic Corrosion Inhibitors. Highly-concentrated and economical, Master STAGES™ synthetic corrosion inhibitors leave a thin, water soluble film to provide one-to-two months of rust and oxidation protection. Clean and very low foaming, Master STAGES synthetic corrosion inhibitors are barium-free with very low V.O.C. content.
Emulsions. Emulsion Corrosion Inhibitors. Protect metal parts from rust and oxidation for up to six months with super-concentrated, very economical Master STAGES™ emulsion corrosion inhibitors. Barium-free with very low V.O.C. content, environmentally friendly Master STAGES emulsion corrosion inhibitors are built for low-pressure spray, immersion, and dip applications.
Cleaners+RP. Cleaners+RP Corrosion Inhibitors. Master STAGES™ CLEAN family of advanced-technology products offer highly effective cleaning and with the same in-process "one-step" method, leave behind an effective, short-term, anticorrosive film.
Designed for specific metals, desired length of corrosion inhibition, and applications ranging from spray, immersion, ultrasonic parts, and dip tank cleaning, Master STAGES cleaners+RP inhibitors are all highly concentrated and economical, most with low foam and very low V.O.C. content.
Oil/Solvent. Oil/Solvent Corrosion Inhibitors. Master STAGES™ oil- or solvent-based corrosion inhibitors, or rust preventatives, are nonstaining, water displacing, and can be used on a wide variety of metals. Whether dipping or spraying, short or long term, there's a very highly concentrated, rugged Master STAGES corrosion inhibitor to give you the protection you need.
Case Studies
TRIM<sup>®</sup> MicroSol<sup>®</sup> 590XT Eliminated Production Problems and Increased Profits! TRIM® MicroSol® 590XT eliminated
production problems and increased profits!
©2019 Master Fluid Solutions. TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation
d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions; Master Fluid Solutions™ is a trademark of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a
Master Fluid Solutions. 2019-02-12
A UK manufacturer of
aerospace components had
seemingly insurmountable
problems using Houghton
Aquacare AL– then TRIM
MicroSol 590XT saved the day!
The Houghton Aquacare AL coolant
caused sticky residue buildup in
machines and produced parts so sticky
it added process time to get them clean.
Extremely high levels of bacteria and
fungus caused a horrid foul odour,
employee breathing problems, and
health and safety issues. Measuring
probes distorted by coolant fungal
growth caused inaccurate tooling
measurements, and off-spec parts.
They needed a change!
Master Fluid Solutions recommended
TRIM MicroSol 590XT. The new charge
of high-performance MicroSol 590XT
eliminated all problems with foul odour,
fungus, and unreliable laser probe
readings and subsequent defective parts.
Annual coolant consumption was
reduced by 32,000lts!
Long-lasting MicroSol 590XT dropped
coolant spend by £10,000 annually
and massively reduced machine and
component cleaning costs.
Using MicroSol 590XT, they were able to
implement a fluid recycling program to reuse
an average of 5,000lts per week. Previously
paying £150 per 5,000lts to dispose of
waste coolant, the customer saved £7,800
annually. Better for their green credentials
and the planet.
Additional savings overall due to
> increased component surface quality
> cleaner components
> longer sump and tool life
> considerably lower machine maintenance
> less machine downtime
has this customer realising huge savings
with MicroSol 590XT.
£150 weekly savings by recycling
£270,000 annual spend
£260,000 annual spend
£150 weekly disposal costs
Production Problems Eliminated
Coolant Costs Reduced 40% While Profits Soar with TRIM<sup>®</sup> E950! With TRIM® E950 High Performance
Machining Emulsion, a large manufacturer
of aerospace, offshore, and energy industry
precision parts is saving more than 40% a
year on coolant costs!
Operating more than 40 CNC machines turning,
machining, drilling, surface and cylindrical
grinding tough-to-machine aluminium, titanium,
Inconel, steels, and stainless, their high-volume
operation produces precision parts day-in, day-out.
They were using Blaser Vasco 7000 with good
results, but were looking to reduce coolant costs
without sacrificing quality. After detailed analysis
of their production, Master Fluid Solutions
recommended testing high-performance
TRIM® E950 against the Blaser Vasco 7000.
They ran head-to-head tests of both products in
several types of machines, varying operations and
metals, and using the same feeds and speeds to
compare identical conditions.
The results proved in all applications that the TRIM
E950 outperformed or equaled the Blaser Vasco 7000
> longer tool life
> pristine surface finish
> an astonishing 40% reduction in coolant cost!
Results far exceeded the minimum 10% cost
reduction Master Fluid Solutions had assured the
manufacturer. Impressed with the clean-running,
excellent performance of E950, the facility
converted all their machines to TRIM E950.
After 12 months, the properly monitored and
maintained E950 is still going strong. Saving more
than 40% on coolant costs to produce the same
high-quality precision parts, E950 has exceeded
all expectations!
Coolant Costs Reduced 40%
While Profits Soar with TRIM® E950!
©2018 Master Fluid Solutions. TRIM® and MicroSol® are registered trademarks of Master Chemical
Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions; Master Fluid Solutions™ and Cutting Edge Metalworking Solutions™
are trademarks of Master Chemical Corporation d/b/a Master Fluid Solutions. 2018-09-05
Coolant Costs Reduced 40%

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