Fluid Management

Since properly maintained coolant or cleaners can last almost indefinitely, a fluid management and recycling program using XYBEX equipment pays for itself with savings in material costs, disposal expense, and reduced downtime.

Maximize your productivity and minimize waste with XYBEX fluid recycling equipment.

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Clean Tower

Highly efficient oil filtration system

Are you looking to reduce your oil consumption?

Are you looking to increase your productivity by improving the condition of your oils?

Are you interested in significant savings by purifying and extending the life of your oils?

Then we can offer a simple, highly efficient and proven oil filtration system for your general oil purification needs. The filtration unit, Clean Tower, would be a very efficient addition to your existing filtration systems and with its compact size and mobility can be shifted around the manufacturing plant with ease. Even though the unit is highly efficient in purifying down to 3 micron and very reliable, it is surprisingly inexpensive. In fact, the Clean Tower can compete, very successfully, against complex filtration systems, given its’ overall performance and price.

  • Filtration down to 3-5 micron
  • Small footprint
  • Significantly lower capital cost
  • Portable
  • Relatively low energy consumption
  • Simple design
  • Ease of attaching to existing filter systems
  • Dirty cartridges can be sold onto metal recylcers


Water Powered Dosing Technology


The Dosatron will accurately dose liquid additives into water without electric power and is ideal for a wide range of applications including: coolant mixing, cleaning & disinfection, dosing corrosion inhibitors, water & wastewater treatment, and so on. Benefits of using the Dosatron include:

  • consistent and accurate proportional dosing of liquid additives / stock solutions, irrespective of fluctuations in water pressure
  • requires no electric power, since it is driven by water flow
  • mixed solution on demand
  • reduced need to directly handle potentially aggressive products
  • controlled consumption of additives
  • the Dosatron D3RE10 unit offers dose rates of 1% to 10% and operates at water flow rates of 10 to 3,000 litres per hour

Reversible LIQUI-VAC™

For Sump Cleaning


Reversible LIQUI-VAC™

Removing spent coolants, waste fluids, or oils from machine sumps, reservoirs, or storage tanks is usually just plain bothersome. Inexpensive vacuums will not do a satisfactory job, are quite loud, and are not built for the industrial environment. Now, the Reversible LIQUI-VAC™ provides the solution to your sump cleaning problems. It is small enough to fit in your hand, yet it sucks up tramp oils, used oils, and waste coolants fast and simple. This unit will also discharge fluids out of the drum into a separate container if desired with just the turn of a knob.


  • operates on shop air
  • attaches to small bung on a standard drum
  • has one moving part
  • requires no maintenance
  • has whisper quiet exhaust

The Reversible LIQUI-VAC™ comes in a kit that includes everything you need to start using it the very first day. The standard kit includes:

  • venturi unit
  • 1" x 10' (38mm. X 3 mL) suction hose
  • drum standpipe adapter
  • quick disconnect fittings
  • air control valve
  • safety shut-off valve
  • aluminium wand

    MISCO Palm Abbe™ Digital Refractometer

    Laboratory Precision in the Palm of Your Hand!


    MISCO Palm Abbe™ Digital Refractometer

    The new Palm Abbe is a fourth-generation digital handheld refractometer that puts laboratory precision in the palm of your hand. Not just laboratory precision, but laboratory precision for the price of a traditional analog refractometer. It is exactly the kind of bold, cutting-edge technology you would expect from MISCO, the company that pioneered the digital handheld refractometer.

    The Palm Abbe refractometer is fast, convenient, and easy to use. Simply place a drop or two of fluid in the titanium well and press a button. The custom-designed microprocessor delivers a nearly instantaneous readout in degrees Brix. Nonlinear temperature compensation is automatic and insures that fluids read between 0°C and 50°C (32°F to 122°F) are measured accurately.

    The large LCD display is easily read, even in dim light, and removes the subjectivity associated with interpreting where a boundary line crosses tiny scale divisions. And, it is so easy to use! The user interface consists of two buttons, one to take readings and the other to step through various menu options.

    Calibration is automatic and does not require the use of special calibration solutions, or tools. The Palm Abbe refractometer automatically calibrates itself to water and is ready to use in seconds. No more screws to turn and nothing to adjust.

      SCROUNGER™ Jr Oil Skimmer

      Effectively Remove Oil from Coolants and Washing Solutions


      SCROUNGER™ Jr Oil Skimmer

      Tramp oil is a major source of problems associated with water miscible cutting and grinding fluids.

      Tramp oil contributes to the growth and formation of:

      • coolant-destroying bacteria
      • undesirable residues on machine tools and workpieces
      • smoke and oil mist in shop atmospheres

      These problems result in:

      • shortened coolant life
      • poor material removal rates
      • poor surface finish and size control
      • decreased tool and wheel life

      Numerous devices ("floating ropes," wheels, and belts) have been developed over the years to remove "free floating" tramp oil from the surface of coolant. While they have all worked to one degree or another, they generally have been either "troublesome," high maintenance, relatively ineffective, or able to operate only on limited liquid level fluctuations.

      As a "belt-type" skimmer, these units are effective in removing floating oil from widely fluctuating liquid levels of coolants or parts washing solutions. The SCROUNGER® features a revolutionary new oleophilic belt and a totally new concept of stripping the separated oil from the belt. The SCROUNGER® Jr uses the same "oil loving" belt, but uses a more compact scraper blade to strip the separated oil from the belt.


      • 115 volt, single phase, 50/60 Hz
      • heavy-duty, impedence-protected, fan-cooled drive motor with hardened shaft and needle bearings (220 volt, single phase, 50 Hz also available)
      • open, accessible oil-collecting tray with a convenient drain connector
      • "oil loving" oleophilic belt (purchased separately)
      • heavy-duty steel construction, with industrial-grade enamel paint


      • fast, simple belt changing
      • low maintenance
      • lower hang roller that will not fall off in the machine sump even in turbulent conditions


      • dewatering tray
      • portable kit
      • special length belts available on special order
      • special belt materials available for high temperature or pH applications on special order

      SCROUNGER® Jr. Belts

      • all belts 1" [25mm] wide
      • 24" [610mm]
      • 32" [815mm]
      • 44" [1120mm]