Fluid Mixers

Master Fluid Solutions has developed a line of mechanical coolant concentrate mixers to meet the needs of all metalworking shops. These mixers eliminate the traditional fluid mixing methods which often result in poor fluid concentration with subsequent problems of corrosive machine maintenance, fluid rancidity and the final expense of fluid disposal.

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Water Powered Dosing Technology


The Dosatron will accurately dose liquid additives into water without electric power and is ideal for a wide range of applications including: coolant mixing, cleaning & disinfection, dosing corrosion inhibitors, water & wastewater treatment, and so on. Benefits of using the Dosatron include:

  • consistent and accurate proportional dosing of liquid additives / stock solutions, irrespective of fluctuations in water pressure
  • requires no electric power, since it is driven by water flow
  • mixed solution on demand
  • reduced need to directly handle potentially aggressive products
  • controlled consumption of additives
  • the Dosatron D3RE10 unit offers dose rates of 1% to 10% and operates at water flow rates of 10 to 3,000 litres per hour