Oil/Water Separators

Oil/Water Separators were developed by Master Fluid Solutions to extend coolant life and to reduce the harmful effects of tramp oil contamination on water-miscible fluids such as poor tool life and finishes, corrosion, dermatitis, and fluid rancidity.

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SCROUNGER™ Jr Oil Skimmer

Effectively Remove Oil from Coolants and Washing Solutions


SCROUNGER™ Jr Oil Skimmer

Tramp oil is a major source of problems associated with water miscible cutting and grinding fluids.

Tramp oil contributes to the growth and formation of:

  • coolant-destroying bacteria
  • undesirable residues on machine tools and workpieces
  • smoke and oil mist in shop atmospheres

These problems result in:

  • shortened coolant life
  • poor material removal rates
  • poor surface finish and size control
  • decreased tool and wheel life

Numerous devices ("floating ropes," wheels, and belts) have been developed over the years to remove "free floating" tramp oil from the surface of coolant. While they have all worked to one degree or another, they generally have been either "troublesome," high maintenance, relatively ineffective, or able to operate only on limited liquid level fluctuations.

As a "belt-type" skimmer, these units are effective in removing floating oil from widely fluctuating liquid levels of coolants or parts washing solutions. The SCROUNGER® features a revolutionary new oleophilic belt and a totally new concept of stripping the separated oil from the belt. The SCROUNGER® Jr uses the same "oil loving" belt, but uses a more compact scraper blade to strip the separated oil from the belt.


  • 115 volt, single phase, 50/60 Hz
  • heavy-duty, impedence-protected, fan-cooled drive motor with hardened shaft and needle bearings (220 volt, single phase, 50 Hz also available)
  • open, accessible oil-collecting tray with a convenient drain connector
  • "oil loving" oleophilic belt (purchased separately)
  • heavy-duty steel construction, with industrial-grade enamel paint


  • fast, simple belt changing
  • low maintenance
  • lower hang roller that will not fall off in the machine sump even in turbulent conditions


  • dewatering tray
  • portable kit
  • special length belts available on special order
  • special belt materials available for high temperature or pH applications on special order


  • all belts 1" [25mm] wide
  • 24" [610mm]
  • 32" [815mm]
  • 44" [1120mm]

    Machine Talk: A Handy Guide to a Clean Machine