Sump Clean-out Systems

Yellow Bellied Sump Suckers™ - The answer to fast, thorough cleaning of machine coolant sumps. There is no faster, more powerful sump cleaner.

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Reversible LIQUI-VAC™

For Sump Cleaning


Reversible LIQUI-VAC™

Removing spent coolants, waste fluids, or oils from machine sumps, reservoirs, or storage tanks is usually just plain bothersome. Inexpensive vacuums will not do a satisfactory job, are quite loud, and are not built for the industrial environment. Now, the Reversible LIQUI-VAC™ provides the solution to your sump cleaning problems. It is small enough to fit in your hand, yet it sucks up tramp oils, used oils, and waste coolants fast and simple. This unit will also discharge fluids out of the drum into a separate container if desired with just the turn of a knob.


  • operates on shop air
  • attaches to small bung on a standard drum
  • has one moving part
  • requires no maintenance
  • has whisper quiet exhaust

The Reversible LIQUI-VAC™ comes in a kit that includes everything you need to start using it the very first day. The standard kit includes:

  • venturi unit
  • 1" x 10' (38mm. X 3 mL) suction hose
  • drum standpipe adapter
  • quick disconnect fittings
  • air control valve
  • safety shut-off valve
  • aluminium wand