Master Fluid Solutions has developed an entire line of products to effectively and economically filter any metalworking fluid - coolant or cleaner. Clean, filtered fluids give longer sump life, tool life increases, improves finishes, better corrosion and bacteria resistance, and cleaner working conditions for employees!

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The Effect of hard Water on Coolant Filtration

Clean Tower

Highly efficient oil filtration system


Are you looking to reduce your oil consumption?

Are you looking to increase your productivity by improving the condition of your oils?

Are you interested in significant savings by purifying and extending the life of your oils?

Then we can offer a simple, highly efficient and proven oil filtration system for your general oil purification needs. The filtration unit, Clean Tower, would be a very efficient addition to your existing filtration systems and with its compact size and mobility can be shifted around the manufacturing plant with ease. Even though the unit is highly efficient in purifying down to 3 micron and very reliable, it is surprisingly inexpensive. In fact, the Clean Tower can compete, very successfully, against complex filtration systems, given its’ overall performance and price.

  • Filtration down to 3-5 micron
  • Small footprint
  • Significantly lower capital cost
  • Portable
  • Relatively low energy consumption
  • Simple design
  • Ease of attaching to existing filter systems
  • Dirty cartridges can be sold onto metal recylcers