Soluble Oil Cutting & Grinding Fluids

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With superior lubricity and a higher oil content, TRIM™ emulsions provide a greater boundary layer between the tool and the material. Emulsions are ideal for lower, less than 600 SFPM, applications such as broaching, reaming, deep hole drilling, drilling, tapping and centerless grinding.

Emulsions work well for machining copper, yellow metals, steel alloys, cast aluminiums, wrought aluminiums and tough-to-machine titanium and nickel-based alloys.

Gear up with the TRIM emulsion designed to meet your production needs.

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Dustin McCallum Speaks About TRIM® VHP® E814

TRIM® E709

Long-life Emulsion

TRIM™ E709 is high-quality, universal soluble oil which requires minimal maintenance in even the most demanding fluid management systems. It has broad application in machining and grinding on a wide range of materials. The high levels of both chemical and mechanical lubricity in this product handle the tough machining and grinding jobs. The stable and predictable performance of E709 makes it a first choice for high-quality, consistent parts manufacturing.

  • Very stable formula provides long operational life with consistent performance
  • Extremely hard water tolerant
  • Very wide application range, suitable for both grinding and machining
  • Fine particle size emulsion reduces carryoff and facilitates getting the fluid to the point of cut
  • In high-speed turning and milling, E709 has the right balance of cooling and lubrication to provide good tool life and surface finishes
  • Compatible with aluminum, steel alloys, cast iron, and yellow metals
  • Protects machine and tool surfaces while also preventing sticky ways, chucks, tool holders, and fixtures
  • Coolant is easily removed with water, working solution, or aqueous cleaners
  • Easy recycling or disposal with conventional techniques and equipment
  • Does not contain or test positive for phenol
  • Will run effectively for long periods without the need for costly additives

TRIM® E925

Chlorine-free, High-performance Emulsion

TRIM<sup>®</sup> E925

TRIM® E925 utilizes a proprietary lubricity package to deliver exceptional surface finish and tool life on difficult-to-machine aerospace materials. Designed to lower total cost and improve manufacturing efficiency thanks to extended sump life. Environmentally friendly emulsion is free of boron, chlorinated paraffins, and other halogens. Mild contact nature and low initial-charge odor provide an operator friendly environment.

  • Extended sump life for lower operating costs
  • Protects sensitive aluminum and nonferrous alloys
  • Excellent lubricity without chlorinated paraffins
  • Provides superior results in a wide range of operations
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Appropriate for most high-pressure systems
  • Low product odor
  • Mild operator contact properties
  • Soft fluid film protects chucks, ways, and tool holders
  • Rinses off for easy parts cleanup before assembly, painting, or plating

TRIM® E950

High Performance Machining Emulsion

TRIM® E950 is a proprietary blend of new vegetable-based technology and premium traditional lubricity additives to yield a very high performance, low management metal removal fluid. This premium emulsion product is operator friendly because of its mild contact nature and low chemical initial-charge odour. TRIM E950 is robust enough to deliver extended useful life and avoid rancid odours normally associated with traditional emulsions. The unparalleled lubricity delivers exceptional surface finish and tool life on difficult to machine aluminium alloys, inconel, titanium, stainless and high tensile strength steels.

  • Delivers unparalleled lubricity
  • Very long sump life and low carry-off rates result in low operating cost
  • Low foam even in soft water areas
  • Hard water tolerant
  • Non-chlorinated and non-sulphurised extreme pressure (EP) additives control built-up edge (BUE) in tough operations on aerospace materials
  • Fine emulsion ensures fast wetting to get the fluid to the point of cut and fully coat the work piece and chips for superior tool life and corrosion prevention
  • Compatible with all materials excluding magnesium
  • Easily recycled or disposed of without special handling or equipment
  • Will run effectively for long periods without the need for costly additives


General-purpose Emulsion

TRIM SOL<sup>®</sup>

TRIM SOL® is a soluble oil (emulsion) coolant concentrate which is the world standard general-purpose multi-metal coolant for general machining of ferrous and nonferrous materials. It has the lubricity and "guts" necessary to do heavy-duty machining center work and still provide the wetting and cooling necessary for high-speed turning and grinding operations.

  • Proven to be highly effective in controlling built-up edge (BUE)
  • Has a very wide application range and is often used in such diverse operations as production surface and centerless grinding, heavy-duty broaching, gear hobbing, and replacing straight oil on some types of screw machines
  • Leaves a fluid, nongumming film to prevent sticky ways, chucks, tool holders, and fixtures
  • Coolant residue is easily removed with either water, working solution, or aqueous cleaners
  • Easy recycling or disposal with conventional techniques and equipment


General-purpose Emulsion, Nonchlorinated, Siloxane Free

TRIM SOL<sup>®</sup> LC sf

TRIM SOL® LC sf is a siloxane-free chemical emulsion or soluble oil coolant concentrate designed for light and moderate machining and grinding. This product is designed for a wide variety of metal removal operations on most ferrous metals and many nonferrous metals, such as brass, copper, and aluminum. This product is particularly effective in situations where reactive alloying agents like lead (Pb) are present.

  • For wide range job applications (from tough assignments such as gear hobbing and broaching to lighter duties like turning) TRIM SOL LC sf has proven equally effective
  • Easily adaptable to nonferrous and ferrous metals
  • Stability - TRIM SOL LC sf forms an extremely tight emulsion of fine particle size and can be run for extended periods without pumpouts
  • Machine stays clean with TRIM SOL LC sf's built-in cleaning action - metal chips and dirt will not build up
  • Fluid residue prohibits sticky ways and slides which is a very important consideration in the operation of automatic and numerically controlled machines
  • Coolant residue is easily removed with either water, working solution, or aqueous cleaners
  • Easy recycling or disposal with conventional techniques and equipment