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WEDOLiT N 22-3


WEDOLiT N 22-3 is a thixotropic, water insoluble, deep-drawing agent. Trough a combination of polar active substances with E.P.-(Extreme-Pressure) additives it is excellent suitable for non-cutting cold shaping of uncoated C-steels, zinc- and zinc/nickel-coated and aluminated sheet steel as for aluminium and aluminium alloys.

WEDOLiT N 22-3 fulfills all requirements of all german automotive manufacturers according to VDA 230-213 and QPA VW-001, and has been approved by all VDA members.

WEDOLiT N 22-3 can be applied by spraying or by hand with a brush or by means of rollers. A filtration over a fine-meshed filter (< 50 µ) is absolute to avoid, as the thickener will be filtered out. Heating the oil of approximately of 40-50°C before application is possible, without loss of the thixotropic effect after cooling.

WEDOLiT N 22-3 acts at the same time as a corrosion protection agent. Represervation of the drawn sheet is not necessary. The film remaining on the component after drawing has good ageing stability and can be easily removed with organic solvents or water soluble, mild alkaline industrial cleaning agents, even after long storage of the components. After degreasing, phosphating treatment can be carried out without problems. WEDOLiT N 22-3 is free of insoluble pigments, such as graphite or molybdenum disulphide.