Number of products: 2
Application: honing
Metal: steels [P]

TRIM® E923

Chlorine-free, Extreme-lubricity Emulsion

TRIM<sup>®</sup> E923

TRIM® E923 is a proprietary blend of new vegetable-based technology and very high levels of chlorine-free extreme-pressure (EP) additives to yield an extreme performance, low management metal removal fluid. This premium emulsion product is robust enough to deliver unparalleled tool life in some of the most difficult metal cutting operations while still providing the excellent non-cutting characteristics normally associated with traditional, high-quality emulsions from Master Fluid Solutions. The extreme lubricity and extreme pressure package matches heavy-duty neat oils on difficult-to-machine materials such as Inconel®, titanium, stainless steel, and high tensile strength steels.

  • Delivers exceptional lubricity and EP performance
  • Has the necessary performance to replace neat oils in certain applications
  • Very long sump life
  • Low foam even in soft water areas
  • Hard water tolerant
  • Compatible with all materials excluding magnesium
  • Easily recycled or disposed of without special handling or equipment
  • Will run effectively for long periods without the need for costly additives


Ester Based Superfinishing Oil

TRIM<sup>®</sup> OE105

TRIM® OE105 is an ester based straight grinding oil formulated for fine grinding and superfinishing. TRIM OE105 imparts excellent lubricity while keeping grinding wheels and stones extremely clean. This ensures fantastic surface finishes on hardened steel alloys, stainless steels and non-ferrous materials.

  • Excellent extreme-pressure additive package for efficient metal removal
  • Very high lubricity
  • Great detergency
  • Fully saturated ester ensures unsurpassed oxidation stability
  • Ester based formulation ensures very low misting potential
  • Very high flash point for such a low viscosity product
  • Compatible with copper containing alloys
  • Light color and low odor for good operator acceptance