Take aim at increased performance, production, and profits with TRIM®

When it comes to firearms, there’s only one standard – that of ultimate dependability. Gun manufacturers, as well as their customers – military combatants, security officers, sportsmen, and those seeking personal protection – target ultimate precision, utmost accuracy, and assured repeatability. Rely on TRIM® to hit the mark.

These TRIM high-performance products are all specifically suited to the needs of arm manufacturers, each providing:

  • excellent lubricity and surface finish
  • stain and corrosion resistance
  • extended sump and tool life
  • excellent return on investment

TRIM® MicroSol® 690XT microemulsion:

  • unsurpassed lubricity, exceptional foam control, surface finish, and tool life
  • for machining a range of industry materials: 4140, 4150, and molybdenum carbon steels, 316 and 17-4 stainless steels, and 6061 and 7075 aluminums
  • excellent alternative to increased consumption of high-mineral soluble oils
  • for high-pressure, high-volume applications

TRIM® MicroSol® 585XT semisynthetic microemulsion:

  • free of chlorinated EP additives
  • for high-pressure, low-foam applications
  • extremely hard-water tolerant and fast-wetting
  • exceptional for drilling, tapping, reaming, turning, and grinding the wide variety of gun manufacturing steel, stainless, and aluminum alloys

TRIM® E925 emulsion:

  • chlorine-free proprietary formula
  • for challenging applications such as reaming barrels or turning difficult aluminum alloys and high tensile-strength steels

TRIM® OM 287 Versatile Cutting Oil:

  • excellent cooling for accurate deep-hole drills on steel and aluminum alloys
  • ideal for dedicated gun-drilling machines to produce precision-drilled barrels
  • for all steels and other ferrous/nonferrous metals in a variety of operations

Contact your TRIM representative for expert advice on these or other TRIM products just right to boost your production and profitability.


A well-known, high-production West Coast arms manufacturer of precision-built AR-15 barrels and components drills and mills 416 stainless as well as other gun metals. Running their high-volume, high-pressure machining operations 24/7, they had been experiencing issues with excessive foam. They changed from one


Forging and machining 7075 aluminum, our North Carolina customer is a Tier One supplier for one of the largest firearms companies in the world. Manufacturing AR-15 lower components, they machine 7075 aluminum in a Haas vertical milling center (VMC). With the addition of a new machine, they had issues with too much mist from the petroleum-based coolant they were using in their relatively low-ceiling environment. A Master Fluid Solutions' representative suggested a change to environmentally friendly TRIM® E925.

They achieved measurably reduced mist and good operator acceptance, but got so much more than expected... with E925 they have no foam, have doubled their sump life, and with 40% to 50% increase in tool life, they did not need to change their PCD diamond tool in the first six months! Impressed with the results, they have switched over all their machines to E925!

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