TRIM® TC 220

pH Adjuster

Application Guidelines

  • The normal add rate for TC 220 is 0.10% (1,000 ppm) or 1 gallon per 1,000 gallons of working solution. Do not use more than 0.25% (2,500 ppm) without consulting the Master Fluid Solutions laboratory.
  • As with any product that will raise pH, the possibility of "ammonia blush" or "amine rush" exists. However, the frequency of occurrence with properly used TC 220 is very low.
  • The addition of TC 220 will not substantially affect the refractive index of the metalworking fluid working solution. However, it will affect concentration control by alkaline titration.
  • For additional product application information, including performance optimization, please contact your Master Fluid Solutions' Authorized Distributor at https://www.2trim.us/distributors.php, your District Sales Manager, or call our Tech Line at 1-800-537-3365.

TRIM® TC 220   
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