TRIM® MicroSol® 690XT

High-lubricity, Low-foam Premium Semisynthetic

Mixing Instructions

  • Recommended usage concentration in water: 5.0% - 10.0%
  • To help ensure the best possible working solution, add the required amount of concentrate to the required amount of water (never the reverse) and stir until uniformly mixed.
  • Use premixed coolant as makeup to improve coolant performance and reduce coolant purchases. The makeup you select should balance the water evaporation rate with the coolant carryout rate. Use our Coolant Makeup Calculator to find the best ratio for your machine: https://apps.masterfluidsolutions.com/makeup/
  • Use mineral-free water to improve sump life and corrosion inhibition while reducing carryoff and concentrate usage.
TRIM® MicroSol® 690XT   
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