Anti Corrosion - Solvent Base Fluids

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Dewatering-fluid 212°F, (100°C) flashpoint
(aromatic content ≤ 2%)

WEDOLiT K 856 is a dewatering fluid with slight corrosion protection properties that uses surface-active substances to displace both water and emulsions from the metal surface extremely quick. Even highly complex geometries can be dewatered efficiently. It is mainly used as an immersion bath at room temperature.

Fulfills all requirements regarding Altautorichtlinie 2000/53/EG. Not subject to the German VOC-regulation (VOC-guideline, 31 BImSchV) or to the Swiss regulation for VOC (Lenkungsabgabe VOCV Swiss).

  • Due to its strong dewatering effect, residues of flushing water or water containing fluids such as emulsions or synthetic coolants are removed from the metal surface
  • Water/emulsions that enter the bath will settle on the bottom of the tank after a short period and can be drained off
  • Development of a clear phase boundary between the water and the product, without forming an emulsion phase
  • Due to its extreme dewatering properties, the product is ideal for workpieces that are additionally packaged with VCI foils
  • Excellent bath-life
  • Additive loss due to water contact: None