WEDOLiT CN 5370-19
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WEDOLiT CN 5370-19

Straight oil

WEDOLiT CN 5370-19

WEDOLiT CN 5370-19 is a non-water soluble high performance cutting oil based on the newest GTL base oil technology. GTL base oils are free of aromatics, chlorine, zinc, nitrogen and heavy metal to provide optimal occupational safety for the worker. Highly alloyed steel grades, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and aluminum can be optimally treated with WEDOLiT CN 5370-19.

WEDOLiT CN 5370-19 has been designed especially for tapping-machining e.g. thread cutting on steel and alloyed steel.

Long-term corrosion protection depends on the type of treated material. WEDOLiT CN 5370-19 cannot be used for yellow metals. The non-ageing oily film can easily be removed with the aid of organic solvents (e.g. petroleum) or water soluble alkaline industrial cleaning agents.

  • High flashpoint despite of low viscosity
  • Low evaporation and consumption
  • High-cutting performance
  • Very good surface finish

WEDOLiT CN 5370-19   
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