WEDOLiT FN 4455-55
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WEDOLiT FN 4455-55


WEDOLiT FN 4455-55

WEDOLiT FN 4455-55 is a non-water soluble, chlorine free drawing and cutting oil of low viscosity. A combination of EP (Extreme Pressure) additives and inhibitors provide excellent performance for precision cutting operations of steel. WEDOLIT FN 4455-55 forms a separating antifriction film. A direct contact between tool and work piece is avoided. An unobjectionable separation of work-piece can be obtained.

WEDOLiT FN 4455-55 possesses marked boundary lubrication properties. It shows good film stability and possesses a high adhesive capacity. Because of these properties WEDOLIT FN 4455-55 can be used for heaviest metal cutting operations. WEDOLIT FN 4455-55 is free of insoluble pigments such as graphite or molybdenum disulphide.

With respect to the high chemical additivation the corrosion protection depends from the treated material. In preliminary tests the duration of corrosion protection should be determined, when the treated work piece does not consist of high-grade steel. So far the immediate degreasing of the treated surface is recommended.

The oily film can be easily removed with the aid of organic solvents (e.g. petroleum) or water soluble alkaline industrial cleaners.

WEDOLiT FN 4455-55   
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