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Master Coalescer Jr™

High-performance, low-maintenance coalescer removes tramp oil while machine is running

Master Coalescer Jr.™

Master Coalescer Jr™

Master Coalescer Jr packs the punch to add up to BIG savings.

A low-cost, smaller yet effective, tramp oil separator: Master Coalescer Jr.™ Compact and affordable, Master Coalescer Jr processes machine tool coolants to remove tramp oils and fines and provide clean, reusable coolant – paying for itself with extended coolant and tool life, improved machinability, and reduced maintenance.

Extremely efficient, "Junior" offers:

  • Compact design to work with CNC machines with small, hard-to-access coolant sumps
  • Maximum tramp oil removal while machine is running
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Simplified operation; less operator involvement
  • Portability allows shared use on several machine tool sumps


  • Up to 1 GPM flow rate, no adjustments to make
  • Pre-pump strainer
  • Electric 120 volt diaphragm pump – primes to 48"
  • Easily removable media pack with 132 square feet of coalescing surface area
  • Valve to easily drain and clean tank
  • Internal adjustable tramp oil discharge valve
  • Adjustable leveling pads
  • New floating skimmer – only 3" diameter – works in sumps as shallow as 11/2" deep to collect oils and soiled fluid

Master Coalescer Jr™   
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