Meeting the Challenges of the Oil and Gas Industry

Challenging the elements and pushing the boundaries of the physically possible, the oil and gas industry is a tough, competitive business that requires near-zero tolerances and equally tough, never-let-you-down products.

That is where TRIM®, Master STAGES™, and XYBEX® products – from the leaders in the invention and innovation of metalworking fluids – set the standard. We deliver so you can deliver.

Your Business is our Business

A truly global industry, oil and gas exploration takes place on all seven continents, the major oceans, and deepest seas worldwide. It has only been in the last century that oil and gas have been explored as a major source of energy, and since then advances in technology and engineering have brought rapid and dramatic changes in the possibilities and scope of enterprises.

Some enterprises explore and extract crude petroleum and natural gas offshore or onshore; others concentrate on the recovery of butane, ethane, and natural liquefied petroleum from oil and gas fields. The boundaries of technology are pushed, feats of engineering discover new ways to pry raw material from the heart of the earth. As the insatiable demands for energy increase, mega-wells are probing deeper and deeper. And with advanced technological developments, directional and fracturing techniques are used to retrieve large pockets of oil and gas from heretofore inaccessible areas. Tougher products and tighter specs are required as we push these boundaries.

While onshore oil wells normally run 3,000-5,000 feet deep, many offshore sites delve many miles into the earth's core in search of crude for extraction. The pressures and temperatures are intense, the stakes are high, error can be catastrophic. Premium pipes, seals, valves, wellheads, couplings, and connectors are essential. Our metalworking fluids mean manufacturers can compete in the highly competitive arena of the oil and gas business to produce reliable pipes and dependable parts efficiently profitably.

Using TRIM coolants, metalworking manufacturers can extend the life of their tools, get better precision and repeatability from their parts, dramatically extend sump life, reduce downtime, and pressure test their welds. With Master STAGES fluids customers can experience cleaner parts and longer rust protection, while XYBEX fluid recycling equipment extends fluid life and cuts recycling expenses. It all adds up to excellence and a better bottom line.

Alternate sources of energy such as hydroelectric, solar, wind, and nuclear are clearly major players in satisfying the global need for energy, but oil and gas are assured their importance for many years to come.

Manufacturing a wide range of quality pipe, casings, connectors, and couplings in the Economic-Techno development zone of Qingdao, China, one plant was producing 50,000 tons per year for oil and gas drilling operations and well completion sites.

The company was using a typical emulsion for their premium pipe and connectors which contain 13% chrome and experienced getting five to six pieces per cutting insert. Switching to a TRIM extreme-lubricity emulsion, they found their tool life increased to 8 to 9 pieces per cutting insert. Their overall tool life increased by an impressive 50%! After testing, the facility switched all their premium pipe and connecting operations to TRIM.

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