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From start to flawless finish, we understand your challenges and concerns as the machine tool manufacturer, as well as those of your manufacturing customers.

Whether in the automotive, aerospace, medical, general machining, construction, or energy industry, for high-speed grinding, milling, turning, micromachining, or for multiple metals including titanium, exotics, and engineered resins, we have a fluid specific for the production of premium, reliable, and repeatable parts.

In the highly competitive machine tool manufacturing arena, you build a trust with your customers. They need complete assurance that your machine tool will produce to their expectations, meet their critical tolerances, and live up to their warranties — part after part, day after day.

A case in point...
Though all our fluids have undergone rigorous, extensive testing, one North American machine tool manufacturer customer wanted additonal proof that their machine tools would be protected from any possible adverse effects of the specific coolant to be used for their machines. Our expert lab technicians tested their samples — a section of their painted metal, their plexiglass windows, wires, coverings, and more. All tests proved decisively that the Master Fluid Solutions coolant was 100% compatible with their machine tools.

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