Forming – Solvent Base Fluids

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Evaporating Drawing-oil

WEDOLiT FS 3710 is a non-water soluble, synthetic cooling lubricant of low viscosity. It is applicable for drawing- and punching-operations of aluminium. Can be applied undiluted by spraying, flooding, brushing or rolling.

  • Good wetting of the metal surface
  • Nearly odourless
  • Despite the good lubrication properties, the product is characterised by a quick evaporation and high flash point
  • The working area should be sufficiently ventilated, due to the amount of volatile hydrocarbons


Straight Cutting and Bending Oil

WEDOLiT FS 3910 is non-water-soluble cooling lubricant with low viscosity for punching- and bending operations on steel and zinc coated steel. The product is not applicable for the treatment of nonferrous metals.

  • Can be applied undiluted by spraying, flooding, brushing or rolling
  • Has a good spread effect, which causes an optimal even wettability of metal surfaces
  • Has a simultaneously cleaning effect
  • Contains a combination of aromatic free solvents with additives of esters and extreme-pressure compounds and is therefore practically odorless
  • Is marked by a very fast evaporation with high flash point


Solvent base for aluminum stamping 158°F (70°C)

WEDOLiT FS 4710 is a low viscous, solvent-based lubricant for stamping and forming operations of steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals. The undiluted product is usually applied by spraying, flooding, brushes, or by means of rollers.

  • Good spreading behavior, which leads to a uniform wetting of the metal surface
  • Stable load carrying capacity and a homogenous sliding behavior
  • Reduces friction and wear and thus contributes to a high tool life
  • Leads to clean surfaces and contributes to achieving dimensional accuracy
  • If the product is finely dispersed, it evaporates after a short time without leaving any residue. Therefore, an additional cleaning step is not necessary. Otherwise, it is easily removable with organic solvents or alkaline industrial cleaners