TRIM® MicroSol™ 515

Cutting and Grinding Fluid Concentrate

TRIM® MicroSol™ 515

TRIM MicroSol 515 is a medium to high lubrication, semi-synthetic microemulsion coolant. It provides excellent cooling and mechanical lubricity, along with the machine friendly characteristics you would expect from a premium TRIM coolant. While it is particularly well suited for machining and grinding cast iron it does very well in mixed metal situations and is a proven performer when machining aluminium, inconel and titanium alloys.

  • Medium to high levels of lubrication without chlorinated or sulphurised EP additives
  • Compatible with aluminium, all steels, yellow metals and cast iron
  • Extremely hard water tolerant
  • Alternative to emulsion products for machining of high silica aluminium alloys
  • Fine soluble oil emulsion reduces carry-off for low total operating cost
  • Fast wetting to get the fluid to the point of cut and fully coat the work piece and chips for superior corrosion prevention
  • No aggressive biocides
  • Easily recycled or disposed of without special handling or equipment
  • Contains no DEA, chlorine, sulphur, nitrites, formaldehyde releasers, or phenolic compounds

TRIM® MicroSol™ 515   
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