water miscible
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Application: water miscible
Metal: nonferrous metals [N]

WEDOLiT FW 9200 (C 66)

Water-miscible forming lubricant

WEDOLiT FW 9200 is an ester-based, water-miscible forming lubricant, which can be universally applied in forming (especially drawing) processes of brass and non-ferrous metals.

The application concentration depends on the level of difficulty of the forming operations and has to be determined in preliminary tests. Concentrations of 10 - 15% are usually recommended.

  • Can be applied undiluted as a concentrate
  • Stable load carrying capacity and a homogenous sliding behavior
  • Reduces friction and wear and thus contributes to a high tool life
  • Outstanding wetting ability and film formation without adhesion
  • Leads to clean surfaces and contributes to achieving dimensional accuracy
  • Very good material compatibility
  • Easily removable with organic solvents or alkaline industrial cleaners

  • Recommended mixing ratio
  • Drawing operations:  10 - 15%