Meeting the Challenges of the HVAC&R Compressor Industry

Manufacturing compressors and parts for the HVAC&R industry is a competitive, global enterprise. Competition is brutal, specs are tight, and margins are even tighter. That is where TRIM®, Master STAGES™, and XYBEX® products — from the leaders in the invention and innovation of metalworking fluids — come in. We offer you the problem-solving solutions you need to produce reliable compressors and dependable parts more profitably.

Your Business is our Business

Whether you manufacture small or large rotary, scroll, helical-rotary positive-displacement, or digital inverter compressors or parts, centrifugal units, or equipment for the highest power, pressure, and flow, we have coolants and cleaners developed specifically for your needs. Our nonchlorinated coolants offer the lubricity and cleanliness needed for the manufacture of household to commercial semihermetic refrigerator compressors, room and commercial air conditioners, ATW heat pumps, RAC, PAC, and VRF units, and industrial refrigeration systems and chillers.

Our highly-skilled technicians will analyze your needs, troubleshoot your production issues, and provide valuable recommendations on how you can increase sump and tool life, reduce costly downtime, improve part quality, lower or eliminate disposal costs, and pump up profitability.

Of course, all our fluids have passed the ASHRAE 97 standard sealed-tube tests and we run additional individualized manufacturer's tests as needed.

The bottom line is – we can improve yours!

An Asian plant was producing bearings and rollers for rotary compressors for a Japanese worldwide manufacturer. They were grinding cast iron and steel parts with another brand of synthetic coolant. Thinking there may be some savings and improved production with another brand of coolant, they contacted a Master Fluid Solutions distributor.

A trial was put in place and usage, fungus, concentration, and bacteria tests were completed and analyzed; representatives presented the data analysis to both the local subsidiary and the Japanese headquarters with the recommendation to switch to TRIM®. With the changeover and the subsequent follow-up tests and results, the TRIM synthetic proved to be stable, gave good parts finishing, improved pH, and the plant enjoyed a 50% reduction in coolant consumption with less top-offs and a 30% cost savings!


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