WEDOLiT CN 2610-18
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WEDOLiT CN 2610-18

Straight cutting oil

WEDOLiT CN 2610-18

WEDOLiT CN 2610-18 3 is a non-water soluble high performance cutting and grinding oil of low viscosity. Highly alloyed steel grades and cast iron, non-ferrous metals and aluminium.

WEDOLIT CN 2610-18 has been developed, to treat all materials and grades of difficulty, with only one grinding oil.

WEDOLIT CN 2610-18 has a type approval at company KAPP.

Corrosion protection for a longer time depends of the treated material. In tests the corrosion protection, especially for non-ferrous metals, should be investigated. So far the immediate degreasing of the metal surface is recommended. The non-ageing oily film can easily be removed with the aid of organic solvents (e.g. petroleum) or water soluble alkaline industrial cleaning agents.

  • High inhibitor content
  • High performance through special combination of EP / AW additives
  • Excellent lubricity to achieve high surface qualities and elongated tool life while reducing the heat generation

WEDOLiT CN 2610-18   
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