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WEDOLiT CN 2370-7

High Performance Grinding Oil


WEDOLiT CN 2370-7 is a low viscous, high performance grinding oil, which is based on the latest GTL (gas-to-liquid) technology. It is suitable for the machining of HSS and carbide steel, (especially with a high cobalt content) with CBN and diamond grinding wheels.

  • High inhibitor content
  • High performance due to a special combination of EP / AW additives
  • Excellent lubricity, which results in high surface quality and a prolonged tool life
  • The oil film offers a high load carrying capacity
  • Good wettability and flushing properties
  • Low mist generation
  • Reduced oil consumption

WEDOLiT CN 2610-18

Straight cutting oil


WEDOLiT CN 2610-18 3 is a non-water soluble high performance cutting and grinding oil of low viscosity. Highly alloyed steel grades and cast iron, non-ferrous metals and aluminium.

WEDOLIT CN 2610-18 has been developed, to treat all materials and grades of difficulty, with only one grinding oil.

WEDOLIT CN 2610-18 has a type approval at company KAPP.

Corrosion protection for a longer time depends of the treated material. In tests the corrosion protection, especially for non-ferrous metals, should be investigated. So far the immediate degreasing of the metal surface is recommended. The non-ageing oily film can easily be removed with the aid of organic solvents (e.g. petroleum) or water soluble alkaline industrial cleaning agents.

  • High inhibitor content
  • High performance through special combination of EP / AW additives
  • Excellent lubricity to achieve high surface qualities and elongated tool life while reducing the heat generation


Water-miscible, fully synthetic coolant


WEDOLiT CS 6201 is suitable for grinding as well as for light to medium cutting operations of steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals and special for hard metal alloys.

  • Offers high cooling- and flushing properties with a very good wetting behaviour
  • Contributes to a high tool life
  • Very good application stability
  • Good soft water stability (at approximately °dH)
  • Almost free of foam
  • Offers a good skin compatibility


Water miscible, fully synthetic coolant


WEDOLiT FW 7652 is applicable for the manufacturing of steel tubes on tube welding machines, as well as press water additive. Furthermore it can also be used for zinc coated materials, whereat the formation of white corrosion is prevented.

  • Popular in use as a cooling lubricant in the manufacture of steel tubes on tube welding machines.
  • In a 5% aqueous solution, it fulfils the requirements for lubrication of the working rollers, cleanliness of the rollers and tubes, and corrosion protection for the tubes and the machine.
  • Based on the thermal stability, it can be used for cooling the electrode respectively the coil and impeder in high frequency welding, but also in the water cooling line for the weld seam.
  • The entire tube welding machine can thus be operated with a closed-circuit cooling system, requiring no intake of other water.
  • Removable with organic solvents or alkaline cleaners. Bright surface are preserved during heat treatment under inert gas.