TRIM® MicroSol® 585XT

Extended-life, Nonchlorinated Semisynthetic

TRIM<sup>®</sup> MicroSol<sup>®</sup> 585XT - 5 gallon pail

TRIM® MicroSol® 585XT

TRIM MicroSol 585XT is a high-lubricity, semisynthetic, microemulsion coolant. The formula delivers extended sump life and better foam control versus previous generation semisynthetics. It provides excellent cooling and mechanical lubricity, along with the machine-friendly characteristics you expect from a premium TRIM coolant. While it is particularly well suited for machining and grinding gray iron, it does very well in mixed metal situations. MicroSol 585XT has proven to be an exceptional machining fluid for titanium alloys.

  • Dramatically extends useful life without the need for tank-side biocides or fungicides
  • Low foaming for todays demanding high-pressure, high-volume applications
  • Compatible with a very wide range of material including cast iron, steels, copper, titanium, and aluminum alloys, and many plastics and composites
  • Optimized combination of cooling and lubricity for titanium machining applications
  • Provides superior corrosion inhibition on cast iron and eliminates "hot chip" and clinkering problems
  • Excellent alternative to chlorinated soluble oils on high-silica aluminum alloys
  • Contains no nitrites, triazines, phenols, and chlorinated or sulfurized EP additives
  • Provides superior corrosion inhibition on all ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Keeps machines very clean while leaving a soft fluid film for ease of cleaning and reduced maintenance
  • Uses standard metalworking recycling and disposal techniques

TRIM® MicroSol® 585XT   
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Superior Metalworking with Low-foaming TRIM® MicroSol® 585XT

Greetings, this is Mark Scherer, from Master Fluid Solutions, with a visual demonstration of how we significantly improved the low foaming characteristics of one of our TRIM cutting fluids. On the left is TRIM MicroSol 585, while on the right is our new TRIM MicroSol 585XT, an extended-life, nonchlorinated semisynthetic metalworking fluid. Both products are mixed using a standard kitchen mixer and at exactly five minutes the mixer is stopped. Notice how quickly the foam completely dissipates from our new MicroSol 585XT. It only takes seven seconds, compared to fourteen seconds for the original MicroSol 585. For more information about MicroSol 585XT and other cutting fluids, please visit our website www.masterfluidsolutions.com.

2009-10-20, US-English

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Concentration Control of Cutting and Grinding Fluids by Using a Refractometer

This is a funny and educational video to help people who use cutting and grinding fluids (commonly called coolants) to machine metal using large milling or grinding-type machines. The video has two characters, Clark is the machine operator and Devin is the TRIM® representative who helps Clark understand how to take care of the cutting fluid in his sump so that he gets better tool life and avoids rust and odor issues.

Clark M. Callis
Devin O. Sizemore

Special thanks to Misco for the use of one of their Palm Abbe™ Digital Refractometers and to Owens Community College for the use of their machine shop. Special thanks to Misco for the use of one of their Palm Abbe Digital Refractometers and to Owens Community College for the use of their machine shop.

2010-07-09, US-English

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No Rust. One Fluid.

TRIM MicroSol 585XT Solves High-tech Manufacturers Problems!

Gabriel Escobar, Shop Manager, of HELI-TECH is pleased to speak about how MicroSol 585XT allowed him to convert HELI-TECH's entire shop from two types of coolants to just one. He finds it much more convenient to have just one coolant. MicroSol 585XT solved rusting issues and his high-pressure application needs!

2011-01-24, US-English

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