XYBEX Custom Systems
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XYBEX® Custom Systems

XYBEX<sup>®</sup> Custom Systems

XYBEX® Custom Systems

XYBEX®Custom Systems, a spin-off of the 1000 system, is a complete, full capacity single product coolant recycling system. The system usually shares the same operation and layout as the 1000. However, tank capacities and the centrifuge are altered to meet customer's needs.

For plants operating with one coolant, the Custom Systems capacities can be enlarged to meet sump capacities of the larger metalworking plants.

  • Custom sized dirty tank
  • Custom sized clean tank
  • UNIMIX™ automatic coolant proportioning pump for coolant makeup and concentration control
  • High-speed disc-bowl, liquid-from-liquid centrifuge to clean coolant to less than 0.5% emulsified tramp oil and 2-5 microns of particulate matter
  • SCROUNGER®oil belt skimmer for removal of free floating, nonemulsified tramp oil
  • Automatic operation

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